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Friday, July 8, 2016

How Many Instruments Does it Take to Make a Mr. Vertigo Record? Veteran Rockers Spill on the Value of Studio Time & Their 7th Release

Download 'Dreaming on the Left Side' for free.

Spin a recent Mr. Vertigo record and be prepared to hear a project that might include up to dozen people, about 20 instruments and roughly a decade of collaborative experience. The alt-rock band (existing in one form or another since 2002) will be celebrating the release of their 7th official record entitled ‘Dreaming on the Left SideFriday, July 8th at O'Brien's Pub in Allston.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Earth Heart’s Debut Full-Length ‘Homesick’ Sounds Like Fun

Earth Heart. Can you dig it?

Varying degrees of delirious carnal lo-fi noise originating from the basements of Allston and perfected in the studios of Somerville/Cambridge, the debut full-length ‘Homesick’ by local act Earth Heart is one primal joyride we’ll keep on repeat this summer.

Homesick’ (out August 5th) is the 10-track polished successor of five DIY self-recorded, self-produced EPs; professionally recorded and mixed by Shaun Curran at Napoleon Complex in Somerville, MA and mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance in Cambridge, MA.

Frontwoman Katie Coriander (vox/guitar) handles the expert task of capturing the genre’s dynamic persona both vocally and instrumentally.

While the first single and title track off the LP is certainly saturated in classic lo-fi distortion, it hardly represents the turbulent path this holistic project takes. Standout tracks: “Demons”, “NSA Song”, “Chicken And Rice”.

Catch Earth Heart at Out of The Blue Too Gallery in Cambridge on July 13th. For additional show and release information, follow the band on Facebook and purchase single “Homesick” on Bandcamp for $1 now.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Song Premiere: The Michael Character Schools Us on Political Punk and Wants You to Get Over It

Quick vignettes and radical folk songs.(photo credit Michelle Lisbeth)

Google “The Michael Character” and expect to find featured reviews in prominent indie music blogs, a social calendar littered with gigs, an official Reddit band of the month nomination, and yourself with a serious case of early-stage FOMO. Referred to by journalists as “a prolific folk punker” and “(legitimate) activist”*, The Michael Character appears to be the greatest addition to folk punk that you never knew existed.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Reckless Optimism of The Coward Flowers

Pop songs with a rock 'n' roll backbone. Listen to 'Jams and Jellies'.

Like walking through rooms of a very eclectic house, each door opens into a new vibe. From experimental reverb to sundown twang leading into driving alt-rock guitars, The Coward Flowers’Jams and Jellies’ is comprised of intricate song writing, taking the listener on a journey of emotions that influenced the 2016 record.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Organ Beats Give You a Taste of What is Yet to Come with the 'Only Human' EP

"[‘Only Human’] is just a little taste for our fans
to show them what we've been working on.”

The Organ Beats’ 3-song EP ‘Only Human’ is a satisfying dose of power pop. Focusing on quality vs. quantity, we get an energetic title track, a memorable ballad, plus a remastered version of “When We Were Young” for that nostalgic teenage love kick. “We went with the EP for now because we've been experimenting with recording on our own and had these songs in the bag,” the band tells Bishop & Rook. “We definitely plan on a full length in time. [‘Only Human’] is just a little taste for our fans to show them what we've been working on.” ‘Only Human’ was produced by Alex Fiorentino at Doghouse East Studios and Mastered by Nick Z. at New Alliance East.

Standout track for this teaser EP is “Crazy Eyes” with an insane three-and-a-half minutes of reverb capping off the seven minute song. We can only hope the live version is just as epic.

A music video for the title track accompanies the release and features the band experiencing a galactic fantasy before crashing landing in "Waltham, MA, Urth" (shot, directed, edited and animated by Tim Dennesen of Punchdance Inc. and originally premiering on BlankTV).

'Only Human' is available on Bandcamp for $3. You can also download the band's full discography for $17.55 (35% savings). Follow The Organ Beats on Facebook and visit the band's official website for additional release information and upcoming show announcements.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Diabolical DiabloGato - Debut Full-Length Available Now

Get your copy of Diablogato's debute full-length now.

Sweet and salty. Naughty and nice. Basement show and lounge act. Diablogato's debut S/T full-length is a proper 11-song catalog of punk rock / rockabilly with a custom, diabolical twist.

Established in 2014, Diablogato has already been stirring up interest as a premier band at The Boston Tattoo Convention, The New England Shake-Up Car Show, and 2015’s Awesome Day Fest, and recently topping the polls over at Boston Emissions. And if it’s one thing we know, when a rockabilly band is involved, you come for the music but stay for the performance. “Stage presence is a big part of putting on a good show,” says frontman Drew Indingaro (ex-Lost City Angels, Cradle to the Grave). “We try to be aware of that and hope that we entertain. If you come to a Diablogato show, you’ll definitely see Johnny Custom climbing all over his upright bass.”

The 2015 record, recorded by Jack Younger at Watch City Studios in Waltham, MA and mastered by Nick Z. at New Alliance East in Cambridge, MA, is now available for purchase as a CD via the band’s website.

While the band has tentative plans to release a 7” in the next year, East Coast tour dates are already being put on the books. Can’t wait? Catch them as the special guest during night #2 of  the ‘Late Night on Lansdowne Street’ FREE SHOW at Bill’s Bar on Monday, December 28th with The Offseason and Neutral Territory (former Stereo State), presented by Mutiny on the Microphone and Radio BDC. Event details here.

Follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for additional show information and stream a few pre-released tracks on Bandcamp now.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sorry, Too Busy Feeling Feelings: Mallcops’ 'The Funniest Joke You've Ever Told' is an Addiction

This is not abandonment. This is just your common sense. - "Ambulances" by Mallcops

"The lyrics always come first. 'The Funniest Joke You've Ever Told’ is the first part in a much larger story."

'The Funniest Joke You've Ever Told' is a record of monumental content. Put it on your iPod, listen to it on your way to work, and listen to it on your way home. Add it to your gym mix and run until your heart feels like it's about to explode. Listen to it when you're sober, and when you've had a few; and before you go to bed at night. Listen to it to feel something, to remember something, to regret something, and to justify something. Listen to it because Mallcops has perfectly articulated the most uncomfortable, awkward and emotionally vulnerable time in a relationship more than you ever could.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bedroom Eyes' Sophomore Record ‘Honeysuckle’ Part of Midnight Werewolf Records’ “Triple Threat” Project

" exhilarating adrenaline rush and a neurological breakdown."

What is so versatile about the shoegaze genre is the heavy dependence on instrumental scores allows the listener to develop their own interpretation. Both dreamy and destructive, an exhilarating adrenaline rush and a neurological breakdown could be heard within one song.

A love child of dream pop and grunge rock with melodic vocals and driving dual guitars, Bedroom Eyes is as seductive and aggressive as you’d desire them to be with their 10-track second album ‘Honeysuckle’.

Stand out tracks: "Wild Sins", "Restless".

►Pre-order your copy now

'Honeysuckle' (available November 23rd) will be part of Midnight Werewolf Record's "Triple Threat" project - a series of cassette tape releases of local artists over the next few months. The tapes will have limited edition runs of 100, featuring handmade screened cases with the bands' individual cover art. Read more about the Triple Threat Project.

HONEYSUCKLE from RJ Murphy on Vimeo.

About Midnight Werewolf Records:
Midnight Werewolf Records is a Boston based label releasing Boston bands on both vinyl and cassettes. It is run by Derek Desharnais and Chris Morrison. We try to provide you with what we believe to be the best upcoming local artists in the city. We range all over in genres from grunge / punk / doom / math and never narrowing it down. Keeping it real to our DIY roots we offer a unique range of homemade covers for our limited runs of tapes and can even provide artwork.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Today Junior’s Sound Gets Ocean-soaked And Sunburnt in Ride The Surf

Get nostalgic for the summer sun and Ride The Surf with Today Junior.

Obviously, we’ve all heard of the infamous sophomore slump. Even with bands who never really made a splash, the second album is always perceived as the most difficult to record for reasons spanning from unreasonably high expectations to production time crunches.

But sometimes the band finds its signature sound during round two and the sophomore hits the mark that the debut was initially aiming for. While Today Junior’s What’s The Skinny (2013) is surrounded by more of an indie rock air, 2015’s Ride The Surf bathes completely in the salty breeze of the ocean.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bay Faction Skips School to Sing About the Cues and Codes of Sex

College kids singin' bout college kid stuff.

“I guess I never really knew how cold this house could get
without the alcohol and people helping me forget.”

– Jasper Wildlife Assoc.

Advancing past the early hurdles of “oh oh ohs” and the trite line “that sound that sound my favorite sound”, both of which are rudimentary content killers, Bay Faction’s S/T (released 9/29/15) gains confidence and opens up to reveal a smooth and clean narration of reactions to emotional situations. By the end, you’re wanting more.

“[The album] concept is an observation of the culture surrounding our generation,” Bay Faction frontman James McDermott tells Bishop & Rook. “Primarily sex, sexuality and the codes and cues associated with the identification that comes with each.” The Boston-based trio is compromised of students currently taking time off from school to pursue the band and an upcoming tour to promote their debut LP. The tour kicks off via rock n' roll halfway house Top Hat Factory (ask a punk) on October 9th and ends at The Red Room Cafe 939 on November 20th.

An indie rock band with jazz influences, Bay Faction’s sound could play nicely with locals Horse Mode ‘ (Ocelot Records) or Sports..

'Bay Faction' is available as a free digital download via Bandcamp. CDs and vinyl available via Counter Intuitive Records. 12" vinyl is available in a limited run of 250 black and 250 white. Follow Bay Faction on Facebook for additional show information.

Standout tracks: (4) Coyote, (6) Beach Book, (8) Jasper Wildlife Assoc.

Full track listing:
  1. Bloody Nose
  2. Captive Cow
  3. Cutter
  4. Coyote
  5. Sasquatch .22
  6. Beach Book
  7. Casting Couch
  8. Jasper Wildlife Association

Monday, September 21, 2015

New Music: Black Hatch S/T

(New) New Hampshire punk for your ear holes.

Merrimack, New Hampshire punks, Black Hatch, have debuted their … wait for it … 16-song full-length. As if someone hit record and didn’t stop, the S/T record is a rambling train of wailing guitars, adolescent screaming, and proclamations of nonsense.

Although the unnaturally long record (according to current standards) is a bit too much for our short attention span and features a few tracks that don’t provide much value to the album, it does contain some catchy songs like “Shake What You’ve Got” with Hives-like tempo and “Graveyard Dance Party” which immediately reminded us of The Meteors’ psychobilly tune “The Graveyard Stomp”. With a traditional anarchy punk sound, we think there’s at least one song that will make you hit replay.

Purchase the S/T record on Bandcamp for $5 and follow Black Hatch on Facebook for show dates.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Recap: The Boston Scene Party Showcase: 3 Nights – 3 Venues – All Local Music

3 nights 3 venues 3 shots 3 beers - The Scene was in Session this September.

You guys, this music is better than what you’re listening to on the radio. And these shows are cheaper than your big venue prices. And the people involved? They’re the best people on the planet because their passionate and excited.

For 3 nights, a group of bloggers, podcasters and promoters worked together under the team name of Boston Scene Party to provide a showcase of local music. Those involved in curating the shows had one simple task, find bands whose music and live shows moved you to the point that you had an overwhelming urge to share their sound.

Here were the results:

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Yeehaw! Gets! Punk! With! Rock! Songs!

Grab your copy of 'Rock Songs' now on Bandcamp.

Short, surly and catchy as fuck - Yeehaw! picks up the pace with a more refined and cohesive pop punk sound on their sophomore EP ‘Rock Songs’.

Evolving songs like “What Now” and “Pixie” from the 2014 record ‘Demotivational Speaker’, the gritty and punchy 7-track ‘Rock Songs’ is packed with post-adolescent blues and plows through 13 minutes and 41 seconds with enough effort to articulate how Berklee expensive university degrees can get you about as far as your parents’ couch.

With a comparable sound to mid-era Pulley or Lagwagon, more often than not, we’ve thought, “What does this song sound like? Oh, it sounds like a Yeehaw! song.” Written by a young band, the lyrics reflect the early stages of realizing the majority of people you know will forgo big dreams for reasonable lifestyles. Just wait until those people start to live vicariously through you and ask if you’ve been to a "rock concert" lately while their eyes glaze over with any vague attempt of yours to explain what you do. I digress.

The EP is available on Bandcamp for free (at a name your price donation). But throw the kids a couple bucks, it’s a good record and we heard Sallie Mae is an aggressive pimp. Cassette tapes can be purchased for $4 via Broken World Media.

The band will celebrate their record release and the kickoff to their Summer! Tour! this Friday, July 24th at The Democracy Center in Harvard Square with Just Friends, Perspective, A Lovely Hand to Hold, Choke Up and Hoover Flags (event details here). Follow Yeehaw! on Facebook and Twitter for additional information.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Grotesque, Self-Pity and Rot – Lady Bones’ Debut LP is Ugly Pop

Follow the ugly-poppers down the path, but allow me to forewarn you—
there are vicious surprises lurking in the dark.

That clichéd phrase, “never judge a book by its cover” comes to mind quickly at first glance of Lady Bones' debut full-length album ‘Dying’ (Midnight Werewolf Records). The spooky album cover, the collection of songs with titles like “Nest”, “Wet”, “Dead Dogs”, and “Amen Dead Friend” all create a bleak and abrasive aesthetic character.

Yet amidst all the grime, hate, and chaos, I'll be damned if there isn’t still a share of whistle-friendly choruses buried in the songs like diamonds in a tar pit.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015

Rebuiler’s Debut LP, How ‘Allston Christmas’ Influenced Album Art & What Exactly Is ‘Gnarly Rock’

Get your copy of 'Rock & Roll In America' today.

2014 Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble participant and Boston Music Award nominee for ‘Punk Artist of the Year’, Rebuilder rips open the preconceived stitches of punk rock to deliver their expansive, mature, and complex sophomore album, ‘Rock & Roll In America’. Their debut full-length on Panic State Records, “RNRIA” reinvents the self-proclaimed gnarly rock band’s sonic footprint, transcending the traditional three chord punk progression and showcasing the evolution of the band’s collaborative writing styles. Passionate, stirring and with a ‘never say die’ attitude in the same vein as Frank Turner or Against Me, Rebuilder’s live shows are packed with the resilient emotion of DIY music inspired by the honest truth, the instinctual reaction and the second wind that holds you back from the brink of exhaustion.

We sat down with the band to talk about their debut full-length, how Allston Christmas shaped the concept behind ‘Rock & Roll In America’ and hashed out the definition of ‘gnarly rock’.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tied To A Bear's Debut LP ‘Safe, Boring & Safe’ & Record Release Show Announcement

Download your copy of 'Safe, Boring & Safe' now.

To us, Tied To A Bear has been some sort of scene folklore. Jeff Rowe has a new band. It features Harley Cox (Choke Up) on drums. They have no internet identity so you’re just going to have to go to a show to see them. Which we did. More than once. (that one time) (that other time). And now you can hear them for yourself with the release of their debut LP and a limited time free download.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Restless Atlantic - 'Chasm'

Chasm’ is a 9-track modern-day melodic rock record strung together by the sincere efforts of a young band.

You could name drop for days if you were to attempt to compare ‘Chasm’, the debut LP from The Restless Atlantic, to a similar sounding record. And that’s not necessarily a terrible thing. The Portland, Maine quartet demonstrates their influences from classic rock to grinding mid-era screamo, with a sprinkle of nostalgic 90’s emo to ground their driving sound.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

All ‘Dressed Up Like Armageddon’ With No Place To Go - New Punk From Grenades in the Archives

Download your free copy of 'Dressed Up Like Armageddon' now.

Loud, dirty and distorted – Grenades in the Archives’ 2015 EP ‘Dressed Up Like Armageddon’ is a continuation of the punk rock mayhem from their breakout introductory 2014 EP, ‘Tokyo’, both of which are available for free (at a name your price donation) on Bandcamp.

"There must be a glitch in the system cause all this data’s corrupted.
This is all a dream and I've still wasted it anyway."
-Glitch In The System 

We received this record in March and haven’t been able to review it until damn near May because we had to press "replay" a whole bunch of times. It’s a quick one. The 7-song record, clocking in at 15:28, is comprised of tantrum-like punk tracks that have the attention span and elegance of a wino lost in IKEA on a Tuesday afternoon (hey, we don’t judge how you use your paid time off).

Frontman, Matt Ozelius’ vocals are a mix between a condescending proclamation and nonchalant banter as he spews lyrics about conflicts, personal reflection and the broken system. Typical talking points that never go out of style.

The band is still finding their footing with 'Dressed Up Like Armageddon'. With four extra songs on EP #2, they start to develop smart, initial concepts and just need to pull it in a little bit tighter. All the more reason to keep Grenades on your radar. What compliments this record is the band’s on-stage energy, which looks like this. You can witness it for yourself by stopping by O’Brien’s Pub in Allston this Sunday (4/26) when GITA play with Off Grove and InCircles (NY). 21+/ $7/8PM doors/event details.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dance Like Nobody's Watching with Charly Bliss 2/28 at O'Brien's Pub

See Charly Bliss with Bent Shapes, Chandos and Fucko at O'Brien's Pub 2/28.

Listen, if we hear that a female-fronted band from NYC is heading up to Boston, we take notice. New York has a decent track record, Slothrust, Chumped, Swearin’, and Charly Bliss fits nicely into our fangirl obsession.

If Betty Boop had an indie band, this is what we think it would sound like. Eva Hendricks’ sugary, spunky vocals add a deceivingly innocent tone to the catchy pop rock 3-song EP Soft Serve; available to stream and purchase (digital and vinyl) at Bandcamp.

Dance like nobody's watching and catch their live set at O'Brien's Pub this Saturday (February 28th) with Bent Shapes, Chandos and Fucko, presented by Eye Design. Event details here.

Charly Bliss is a four piece indie band from Westport, Connecticut based out of New York City formed in the winter of 2011 and comprised of (sister/brother) Eva and Sam Hendricks, and Spencer Fox and Kevin Copeland.

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