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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Yeehaw! Gets! Punk! With! Rock! Songs!

Grab your copy of 'Rock Songs' now on Bandcamp.

Short, surly and catchy as fuck - Yeehaw! picks up the pace with a more refined and cohesive pop punk sound on their sophomore EP ‘Rock Songs’.

Evolving songs like “What Now” and “Pixie” from the 2014 record ‘Demotivational Speaker’, the gritty and punchy 7-track ‘Rock Songs’ is packed with post-adolescent blues and plows through 13 minutes and 41 seconds with enough effort to articulate how Berklee expensive university degrees can get you about as far as your parents’ couch.

With a comparable sound to mid-era Pulley or Lagwagon, more often than not, we’ve thought, “What does this song sound like? Oh, it sounds like a Yeehaw! song.” Written by a young band, the lyrics reflect the early stages of realizing the majority of people you know will forgo big dreams for reasonable lifestyles. Just wait until those people start to live vicariously through you and ask if you’ve been to a "rock concert" lately while their eyes glaze over with any vague attempt of yours to explain what you do. I digress.

The EP is available on Bandcamp for free (at a name your price donation). But throw the kids a couple bucks, it’s a good record and we heard Sallie Mae is an aggressive pimp. Cassette tapes can be purchased for $4 via Broken World Media.

The band will celebrate their record release and the kickoff to their Summer! Tour! this Friday, July 24th at The Democracy Center in Harvard Square with Just Friends, Perspective, A Lovely Hand to Hold, Choke Up and Hoover Flags (event details here). Follow Yeehaw! on Facebook and Twitter for additional information.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Rock Out With Your Cocktail Out Vol. XXXIII

'She Knows' how to make mean cocktails (image credit)

Happy almost spring you guys! Have you gone to a show lately? The Class of the 2015 Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble was announced, we have Rebuilder’s ‘Rock & Roll in America’ record release coming up, Great Lakes USA and The New Warden are playing Friday 13th. Get out there and socialize. And maybe order an Irish Sprite while you’re at it. Here's our March 2015 Rock Out With Your Cocktail Out Playlist.

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