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Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Diabolical DiabloGato - Debut Full-Length Available Now

Get your copy of Diablogato's debute full-length now.

Sweet and salty. Naughty and nice. Basement show and lounge act. Diablogato's debut S/T full-length is a proper 11-song catalog of punk rock / rockabilly with a custom, diabolical twist.

Established in 2014, Diablogato has already been stirring up interest as a premier band at The Boston Tattoo Convention, The New England Shake-Up Car Show, and 2015’s Awesome Day Fest, and recently topping the polls over at Boston Emissions. And if it’s one thing we know, when a rockabilly band is involved, you come for the music but stay for the performance. “Stage presence is a big part of putting on a good show,” says frontman Drew Indingaro (ex-Lost City Angels, Cradle to the Grave). “We try to be aware of that and hope that we entertain. If you come to a Diablogato show, you’ll definitely see Johnny Custom climbing all over his upright bass.”

The 2015 record, recorded by Jack Younger at Watch City Studios in Waltham, MA and mastered by Nick Z. at New Alliance East in Cambridge, MA, is now available for purchase as a CD via the band’s website.

While the band has tentative plans to release a 7” in the next year, East Coast tour dates are already being put on the books. Can’t wait? Catch them as the special guest during night #2 of  the ‘Late Night on Lansdowne Street’ FREE SHOW at Bill’s Bar on Monday, December 28th with The Offseason and Neutral Territory (former Stereo State), presented by Mutiny on the Microphone and Radio BDC. Event details here.

Follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for additional show information and stream a few pre-released tracks on Bandcamp now.

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Rock Out With Your Cocktail Out Vol. XXIX

Garnish with cranberries and punk rock.
Did you know that songs featured in each edition of Rock Out With Your Cocktail Out are curated via upcoming concert calendars, college radio playlists and new local music? And did you also know that each cocktail has been personally tasted and approved by Bishop And Rook? We're like this super trustworthy BFF that stays on top of the scene and the bar to keep you current and inebriated. So make your fancy cocktail, press play, and look for these bands in a venue near you soon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Ermahgerd, so close yet so far away. While the UK rockabilly band, The Blackout Bombs, may be out of reach give or take 3,309 miles, you can download their 2014 Band From the Pub EP on Bandcamp for ~$3.42 in American dollars.

Play Bandcamp Roulette.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Your Rock 'N' Roll Rumble Semifinalists

The Semi-finals of the Rock 'N' Roll Rumble happen 4/17 & 4/18

After an invigorating round of preliminaries involving twenty-four premier Boston bands, eight move onto the Semi-final round of the 35th Annual Rock 'N' Roll Rumble at TT the Bear's, hosted by Anngelle Wood of 100.7 WZLX Boston Emissions. Meet your Semifinalists, and our predictions for Finalist material.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Boston's Whiskey Soaked Honky Tonkers, Civil Warblers

Yee haw.

Leave your studded denim jacket at the door, As Built PR presents the whiskey soaked honky tonk of Civil Warblers at O’Brien’s Pub on Thursday, February 6th along with Old Soul (ME), Vundabar and Derek Teichert.

From the depths of the hipster-saturated streets of Boston comes the Americana twang of Civil Warblers, a folk punk country quartet that has as much internet obscurity as a cowboy hat in Allston.

Mosey on over to Bandcamp for a free download of their 2011 Songbirds of Northern Aggression record and then pull up a stool at OBs for a taste of something different. You need a little rockabilly every now and then. *Note. Drinking whiskey not mandatory but highly suggested. Doors at 8PM, 21+, $7.

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