Thursday, February 6, 2014

Boston's Whiskey Soaked Honky Tonkers, Civil Warblers

Yee haw.

Leave your studded denim jacket at the door, As Built PR presents the whiskey soaked honky tonk of Civil Warblers at O’Brien’s Pub on Thursday, February 6th along with Old Soul (ME), Vundabar and Derek Teichert.

From the depths of the hipster-saturated streets of Boston comes the Americana twang of Civil Warblers, a folk punk country quartet that has as much internet obscurity as a cowboy hat in Allston.

Mosey on over to Bandcamp for a free download of their 2011 Songbirds of Northern Aggression record and then pull up a stool at OBs for a taste of something different. You need a little rockabilly every now and then. *Note. Drinking whiskey not mandatory but highly suggested. Doors at 8PM, 21+, $7.

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