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Mass Hysteria - 93 Local Bands Contribute to the Terrible Masshole Mashup

Penalty Kill, Viva La Hop and Krill walk into a bar... Listen to the encompassing 'Masshole'.

Roughly a year in the making, NYC transplant mashup artist Terrible (AKA Max Schaffer) has put the finishing touches on his 20 minute mix comprised entirely of local music; 93 bands, 138 sources, and 1 cameo by Frank Oglesby (the voice of the T) to be exact.

"[Masshole] puts a ton of music in your ears at once, and probably makes some connection you won't expect."

The Boston mix aptly entitled ‘Masshole’, available as a free stream/download on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, flows between the R&B, rap, rock, indie and punk sounds emanating from our clubs, basements and studios.

Terrible, who previously released 'Bike. Barista. Bullshit’ and ‘Going van Gogh’ explains, “People can expect to speed through a big piece of the Boston music scene with this mash. It puts a ton of music in your ears at once, and probably makes some connection you won't expect.”

While we can attempt to fathom the many challenges of arranging a mashup of varying genres, Terrible tells Bishop & Rook the most difficult part was definitely getting vocal tracks. “Everyone I reached out to was really excited about the project, but finding stems from tracks was still tough. Some artists were able to get me acapella tracks (Mr. Fritz, Bakari JB, Dutch Rebelle, Mr Crane, and Ripe were super helpful there) but mostly I had to do some crazy editing to chop enough usable vocals out.”

The project not only allows the listener to discover new bands but also the creator as Terrible became a fan of the artists he was working with, many recommended by local music bloggers.

“Hell yeah I totally became a fan of a ton of artists! There are so many absurdly talented people in Boston, I don't even know where to start on bands. I guess to name a few I'd say Guerilla Toss, The Colonnade, Bundles, Latrell James, Mr. Fritz, and HOUNDS all totally blew me away when I dove into their stuff. It certainly makes me feel awesome when I listen to it.

It was equal parts a musical and anthropological project, so I fell in love with it. I really hope it makes artists connect in the scene more. There are so many talented people that don't know each other yet.”

Stream ‘Masshole’ now and see the complete list of contributing bands below. Get in touch with Terrible by emailing and follow on Facebook.

CREDITS (in order of appearance):

“Frank Oglesby”-Dkbball89
“MBTA Fan Art”-tpirman1982
Premier Moment-The Colonnade
Goon Squad-Ripe
Dollar Mennunaire-Mr. Fritz
Market Basket (ft. Solei)-LA Jeff
Time (feat. Iva Kostic)-Viva La Hop
(You Are Not) Better Than Me-Penalty Kill
Mugwort-Zip-Tie Handcuffs
Alive and Well-The Young Leaves
367 Equalizer-Guerilla Toss
Off the Record-The Intrinsics
The Long Walk Home-The New Warden
Real Rhymes-Negro League (& Mr. Crane)
Courtesy Moans-Lady Bones
Hurry to meet death before your place is taken-Bundles
Out on my Own-Oh Malô
Instro-The Black Cheers
Feed-Oh Malô
You Don’t Know-Lesser Knowns
What You Wanna Do-Lesser Knowns
Theme from Krill (Reprise)-Krill
Suburban Lady-Eddie Japan
Hey, Mr. Paul-Oh Malô

(5:00 mark)

DMT-The TeleVibes
Pete ColdPack-The TeleVibes
These Happy Days-Eddie Japan
Daily-Michael Christmas
Concerned Cuz There’s Nothing Wrong-jPops
Be Kind To Your Neighbor (song)-Zerobot
Pushing Years-Eddie Japan
The Rapture-Dutch ReBelle
Ship Without An Anchor-Low Key
Lookout Johnny-Will Dailey
La Boca Del Mar-Los Rumberos de Massachusetts
Next Best Thing-Low Key
Friendly-Plastic Waves
1+1=6-Latrell James
Shoot and Point-Eight Feet Tall
Melancholy Sleep-Plastic Waves
Abroad-The Colonnade
Deuxième Moment-The Colonnade
Bi-Polar-Latrell James
Pushing Me Down-Plastic Waves
Candles-Latrell James
Adolescent-The Colonnade
Love Tryangle-Kyle Thornton & the Co.
Read Receipts-Kyle Thornton & the Co.
Upstate-The Colonnade
The Itis-Kyle Thornton & the Co.
Thought of You-Kyle Thornton & the Co.

(10:10 mark)

Recollect-Bakari JB
Back to Me-The Color and the Sound
Gregory-The Color and the Sound
Everything that I Hate-Rebuilder
Work-Mr. Fritz
X-Mas Punks-Rebuilder
No God in Massachusetts-Dead Cats Dead Rats
An Introduction to the Album-The Hotelier
No Girlfriends-Great Lakes USA
All Just Ghosts-Empty Vessels
Dirt on My Shoes-Cordelia & the Buffalo
Take It Up A Notch-Cordelia & the Buffalo
Free-Cordelia & the Buffalo
Practicality-Bakari JB
King’s Men-Kingsley Flood
Jenny (It’s Getting Late)-The Field Effect
Will She Remember Me-ABADABAD
Black Streak-Nemes
Arrows-Amy & the Engine
Down-Kingsley Flood
I Got You-Amy & the Engine
Invasion-Negro League (& Mr. Crane)
Youth Up-Blank Brothers
Have a Nice Evening-Blank Brothers
Flame-Blood Club
Playing on Silent-Blank Brothers
Mental Capacity-Blood Club
Potter’s Field/Dockery-The Solars
SLACK-Blood Club

(15:40 mark)

Pretty Good-Dutch ReBelle
Too Good for Winning-Spirit Kid
Things I Enjoy-Fat History
Young and Wild-Mean Creek
Warning Pt. 2 (ft. Chizz Dot)-Mr. Fritz
Evel Knievel-Mean Creek
So Close-Sidewalk Driver
444-Gold Blood
Loose Thoughts-Bakari JB
Everybody Loves My Face-Sidewalk Driver
Why Are You Here-Osekre
Danger City, Population Me-Yale, Massachusetts
Don’t Be Afraid-Goddamn Draculas
Ham Trapper-Goddamn Draculas
Jenny-Goddamn Draculas
Panel of Experts-Bent Shapes
Passenger-Choke Up
Compulsory Champagne-Hallelujah the Hills
Do You Have Romantic Courage?-Hallelujah the Hills
Multibeast TV-Guerilla Toss
Diamond Girls-Guerilla Toss
Protector-Waldo the Band
Resurrection Hub-Save Ends
We Are What We Say We Are-Hallelujah the Hills
Night Cap-Biscuits & Gravy
Nothing Special-Chameleon Culture
Song of Susannah-Save Ends
Hello Weekend-Biscuits & Gravy
Snap Out Of It-Chameleon Culture
No Stars-Pale Hands
Havana-The Dirty Looks
Hands Of Time-The Ladles

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