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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mass Hysteria - 93 Local Bands Contribute to the Terrible Masshole Mashup

Penalty Kill, Viva La Hop and Krill walk into a bar... Listen to the encompassing 'Masshole'.

Roughly a year in the making, NYC transplant mashup artist Terrible (AKA Max Schaffer) has put the finishing touches on his 20 minute mix comprised entirely of local music; 93 bands, 138 sources, and 1 cameo by Frank Oglesby (the voice of the T) to be exact.

Monday, April 27, 2015

An All Call for New England Bands - We Want Yo' Music For A Terrible Mashup

It's about to get wicked Terrible up in here.

Calling all bands. Bishop & Rook is partnering with local mashup artist, Terrible, to create a very special localz only, all-encompassing Boston music scene remix. In an effort to celebrate the diverse and talented music community that we strive to champion on a daily basis, Bishop & Rook and Terrible are looking for tracks to sample.

To get on board with this project, email your isolated instrument and vocal tracks and contact information to Terrible at Current participants include Mr. Fritz, Viva La Hop, LA Jeff, Penalty Kill, and Zip-Tie Handcuffs. Deadline is July 1st.

Terrible is the curator of 'Bike.Barista.Bullshit' and 'Going van Gogh'. When Terrible isn’t producing tracks, he’s Max Shaffer, studying nerd stuffs in Cambridge, and when Max isn’t hitting the books, he’s spinning the records in the underground rock department, The Record Hospital on WHRB 95.3 FM (Harvard Radio Broadcasting).

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

'Going van Gogh' - Terrible Has an Ear for Music

Download the second record from local mashup artist, Terrible.

In-between school and his part-time gig as a radio DJ for The Record Hospital on WHRB 95.3 FM (Harvard Radio Broadcasting), Max Schaffer makes Terrible Music.

The New York mashup artist, now residing in Cambridge, has followed up the 2014 Terrible debut record, Bike. Barista. Bullshit, with Going van Gogh.

The roughly 46 minute concoction that took four months to create features over 200 samples of retro, rap, indie, pop and rock songs (increasing his reach from last year’s 166 samples). “I’m super excited to release it,” Terrible says. “I think it’s exponentially better than the last album.”

Thoroughly entertaining and something for everyone; if you ever wanted to know how Foster the People, Gorillaz and Fat Boy Slim synch up, you should listen to Going van Gogh. Download your free copy on Bandcamp or Soundcloud today.

Terrible is always looking for new to sample. Submit your music and band contact information to And follow Terrible on Facebook for additional information.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

'Bike. Barista. Bullshit.' This is Terrible Music

This is a mashup! Download your free copy on Bandcamp today.

Terrible (AKA Max Schaffer) worked as bike messenger for the summer. He drank a lot of coffee. He talked to a lot of baristas. He tried to weed out the bullshit from what he had learned in college. But mostly he just made this album for his friends to dance to.

Like most things, Terrible Music started for shits and giggles and eventually grew into Bike. Barista. Bullshit. (2014), the debut LP featuring 166 sample sources in 50 minutes, all at 130 beats per minute. A project that took 19 years of listening, three months of using (and crashing) Logic, and from what we can tell, a lot of caffeine.

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