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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Julius Earthling 'NFL Bliss' Record Release Show

It's a record release show ya'll!

Two bands we totally gushed about on Mutiny on the Microphone the other week are playing tonight FYI. Fight the windstorm and make your way to O'Brien's Pub in Allston for Julius Earthling's record release show. Stream the NFL Bliss EP in its entity on Bandcamp now.

Sharing the stage will be garage band Laika's Orbit, dreamy indie rockers Digital Prisoners of War and fuzz garage band Grave Ideas. The show is 21+ with valid ID, doors are at 8pm and is $7. Full event details here.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bishop And Rook Returns to Mutiny on the Microphone (for some reason)

Bishop And Rook was this week's guest DJ on New England music podcast Mutiny on the Microphone. Here's 60 minutes of complete nonsense, local music and probably a whole mess of misinformation. For the record, we were invited back. LISTEN NOW. #norules #nogods

On a mobile device? Click here to listen!

Also, go to a show. Next Bishop And Rook shows!!!
March 2nd - Charlies Kitchen - fting Sports., Fall Risk, Dirt Naps
April 3rd - O'Brien's Pub - fting Rebuilder, Choke Up, Bundles, Sundog

February 19th Playlist:

Bundles - B&E
Jetavana Grove - Hope is a Bus (That I Missed This Morning)
Choke Up - Rust
Laika's Orbit - Circumstance
Sports. - Mo Vaughn
Fall Risk - No. 1
Sundog - Superstition
Dirt Naps - Bees Knees
Julius Earthling - 575

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#BandcampRoulette – Snowed in Edition

Hey guys, we found new music for you!

Fun fact. Many local music entities including Allston Pudding, WMBR’s Pipeline! and yours truly scour Bandcamp to find the next best Boston band. As the rules of Bandcamp Roulette suggest, it’s a tough job. But then you stumble upon a record with extreme potential like this Demo from Laika's Orbit, released in January of this year.

Spunky indie pop, tagged as “diet punk”, whatever the fuck that is, Laika’s Orbit is a ray of sunshine in an otherwise blizzardy wasteland of internet uploads.

Yeah it’s muffled, and sure they list upcoming shows, but where Laika’s Orbit, where?! Of course they don’t seem to have a social media page as far as we can tell, but we’re hooked. Listen and download for free on Bandcamp, and see Laika's Orbit in Brooklyn 1/31, Cambridge 2/5 and Allston 2/20. Locations TBD/unknown/super secret/ask a punk?

Play Bandcamp Roulette now.

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