Friday, January 10, 2014

Bishop And Rook Guest DJs the 'Break Out Bands of 2014' Podcast For Mutiny on the Microphone

Tune into Boston podcast, Mutiny on the Microphone, for music
and informative tidbits about the local scene.

Oh geeze, someone let us talk on the radio.

Kristin discusses her predictions for breakout Boston bands of 2014 in this week’s Mutiny on the Microphone podcast!

We must be doing something right because Adam over at Mutiny and the Microphone was nice enough to let me stumble my way through a list of eleven bands that blew my mind in 2013 and can only get bigger in the New Year. I promise, only one kitten tangent. Not too shabby for our first podcast appearance.

For quality insider information on the music scene in and around the Boston area, check out one of my favorite podcasts, Mutiny on the Microphone, hosted by Adam Blye. Follow MOM on Facebook and Twitter for additional podcasts and informative tidbits about the local sounds from some of the most infamous veterans of the Boston music scene.

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Bishop And Rook's Playlist for the January 10th, 2014 Mutiny on the Microphone Podcast:
Rough Francis – Ruffians
The Offseason – Deadgirl
Born Without Bones – Cheap Fun
Young Leaves – Alive & Well
Sarah Rabdau & The Self-Employed Assasins – No God In Massachusetts
Bent Shapes – I Was Here Today But I Disappeare
Blackbutton – Canopy
Great Lakes USA – No Boyfriends (acoustic)
Rebuilder – Antarctica
Save Ends – Some Old Dice
Choke Up – The Ghost Of

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