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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bishop & Rook Co-Hosts Mutiny on the Microphone Because...I'm Not Quite Sure Why Slash Was Promised Wine

We podcasted with Mutiny on the Microphone. Am I doing this right?

Bishop And Rook guest DJed co-hosted on Mutiny on the Microphone New England podcast because...I'm not quite sure why / was promised wine. Sorry in advance. Our opinion on Portland, OR, Brenefit shows, Ernest Hemingway, scene rants and raves and new music. Follow MOTM on Facebook and Twitter for local music news and additional podcasts. And head to Mutiny's website for more details.

On a mobile device? Click here to listen!

October 15th Playlist:

Trophy Lungs – Bathroom Graffiti
Lesser Knowns – What You Wanna Do
Courters – Loose Lips
The Digs – Gunslinger
Kitner – Your Memory
New Legs – Ignore Your Nature
Marriage Material – Fresh Air
Bandleader – Satisfy Your Heart
Bay Faction – Jasper Wildlife Association

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pet Sun, L.A. Jeff, Lesser Knowns, Tyler & The Names at O'Brien's Pub

Adorable seal says go to a local music show plz.

UPDATE: Due to a broken hand, Pet Sun will be unable to make the show. 

Head out to O’Brien’s Pub in Allston on Wednesday, February 11th for…

Pet Sun – Ontario lo-fi psychedelic rock
L.A. Jeff – Garage jams from Cambridge
Lesser Knowns – Bluesy rock and roll from way down south (New Bedford)
Tyler & The Names – Mystery grab bag

...because cheap beer, local music, supporting touring bands, this adorable seal told you to do so. 21+ with valid ID, 8PM, $8, full event details here.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Five Boston Bands to See in October

Friends tell friends about good music. Five Boston bands to see before the end of the month.

Friends tell friends about good music, and hey, you seem cool. Out of the DOZENS of shows happening this month, we’ve pulled five must-see Boston bands you need to catch in person before the end of October. So immerse yourself in cultural activities, sleep when you're dead and go to a local show.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Who Are Lesser Knowns?

Lesser Knowns EP l Bishop And Rook Boston Music Blog
Meet Lesser Knowns and download their new songs for free.

“This is the point of the show where we introduce the band.”

Nick LeBlanc, Dan Letourneau, Dan McMahon and Riley Mello are Lesser Knowns and by the sounds of it, they’re rocking out whether you know of them or not.

In true Blues Brothers fashion, you literally get a rundown of the rocking and rolling quartet with “How Y’all Doin Tonight”, one of two new tracks in the first of many EP releases this fall.

“It won't really be a traditional record,” explains McMahon (guitar). “We wanted to mix it up a little bit and try releasing EPs in batches and in multiple formats,” with the first release available on cassette tape later this month, and digital and vinyl formats reserved for future tracks.

The comprehensive catchy, riffy, swagged up rock and roll project will be the band’s 5th “record” and will be celebrated on September 15th at Charlies Kitchen (Harvard Square) with Spectral Bat and L.A. Jeff.

“How Y’all Doin Tonight” and “She Loves to Dance” from the first installment are available for free download (at a name your price donation) on Bandcamp now. Follow Lesser Knowns on Facebook and Twitter for additional release information and show dates.

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