Monday, August 20, 2012

You Are Now Listening To...

Hey man, can I make a request? As Boston says "goodbye" to a great alternative rock station, 101.7 WFNX, the airwaves seem distinctively clear (channel). While I'm so very glad that you can get your daily dose of Rihanna, Coldplay, and Nickleback...what about the rest of us who crave real, meaningful music? New sounds and artists? The vibes of our local scene? I can truthfully say that I have been educated in the school of rock by some of the hardest working outlets around, independent radio stations.

KSJS San Jose State University via Spinning Indie

Aside from the fact it is pretty damn cool to hear your friends' band on the radio, some of my favorite musical finds have been through independent radio. April Smith and the Great Picture Show (US), Japandroids (Canada) and Sóley (Iceland) are just a few. A piece of scrap paper with random band names is always on my desk and I store a continuously growing list on my phone, of records I need to buy. A few months ago, I asked a west cost friend if he knew of Bare Wires, a band out of Oakland, CA that I had heard on a college radio station. Turns out they were indeed, good friends. Small world? Possibly. But I probably wouldn't have been able to make that connection without an intuitive DJ. Now not only am I supporting artists who are working their butts off, I'm supporting friends of a friend. Good karma all around.

If you're a frequent reader, I'm sure you must have thought, Hey Kristin, how do find the music to make your awesome monthly playlists? Firstly, thank you. And secondly, independent radio.

Rethink Rebuild Refuse Art

Well I don't know anything about music. Congratulations, you have just defended both the argument that soulless conglomerates like Clear Channel are filtering nothing but junk and why independent radio is so crucial. Look up your local college radio station and tune in or listen to some of my personal favorites like 88.1 WMBR (MIT - Cambridge), 101.3 INDIE (Los Angeles), and Houndstooth Radio (Los Angeles).

I like music and music likes me

And I'm not alone on these thoughts. Music blogger, Jennifer Waits of Spinning Indie is midway through her 50 State Tour where her goal is to highlight college radio stations in every corner of the United States. "Since so much attention gets focused on a small number of high-profile radio stations; I wanted to make the effort to expose people to stations that might be a bit below the radar," Waits comments on her blog.

Don't let some money-centric company tell you what you should be listening to. Make your own decisions and grow your musical interests. You choose the books you want to read, the clothes you want to wear, the food you want to eat... so why not the sounds that come out of your iPod? Music can change your point of view on so many things. Maybe you have yet to find that band that has completely rocked your world. Maybe you do have musical tastes but just aren't exposed to the right source, preferably one not hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

Be independent. Try unplugging from your Top 40s and listen to free format music to find songs that actually mean something to you. Because I am effing certain that "Call Me Maybe" is making the world a little bit more moronic.

This is a huge, tattooed, piereced, and hair dyed virtual high five to all indie radio stations. Thank you for introducing / playing / believing in music that matters.

The English Beat - Just Can’t Stop It - Refuse Rethink Rebuild Art


  1. I was pretty upset when FNX went of the air. I use to listen to the sandbox every morning. I also don't like this trend of getting rid of DJs. I actually like morning radio shows with good DJs and good music.

    But the good news is that has a lot of the former FNX djs on their new web only station.

  2. I absolutely loved the sandbox and the first FNX Clambake was one of my favorite outdoor fest events. I'll definitely check out, thanks for the tip =)


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