Monday, August 6, 2012

Rock Out With Your Cocktail Out Vol. II

As a die-hard Pinot Noir junkie, I know it's tough being a red wine drinker in the summer. Somehow, your go-to full bodied vino just isn't as refreshing as you need it to be.

White wine makes you sick / black out / angry (just me? okay), Pink Moscato tastes like Kool-Aid, there are too many insults for Zinfandel, and yes, Sangria is amaz-balls, but even that can get repetitive. Blasphemy I know, but it's true. I was at a loss until a shiny label caught my eye. Sweet Red Wine? Don't mind if I do. Sweet Red Wine with a tremendously awesome August Spotify playlist? My summer is complete.

Ready to Rock Out With Your Cocktail Out Volume II? I am. Press play and pour yourself a glass of my new favorite summer drink, Sweet Red Wine. It's a good month.
Just Press Play - If you don't have Spotify, now is your chance. It's free.

*I'm not in any way a certified wine expert, but I like it, and I think I make decent decisions in life.

Sweet Red Wine is an all around good alternative summer red. Across the board, serving suggestions range from room temperature to chilled. I've found that the best method is to refrigerate for 20-30 minutes to retain that full body flavor. And I might add, while most wines get paired with food, two out of three wines suggest pairing sweet red with ladies, listing it as a 'Girls Night' wine...

Sweet Red Roo - Yellowtail

It took a lot of desperation for me to purchase Sweet Red Roo considering I have strong beliefs that Australia cannot bottle a good red wine. But it was actually decent. Refreshing like Sangria, but not as sweet. Also, I couldn't resist the sparkly label.

Sweet Shiraz - Jam Jar
South Africa

Jam Jar is good both at room temperature and chilled. When Moscato is just too sugary, this sweet shiraz is perfect, and slightly addicting.

Sweet Red - Rose's
Honestly, who can walk past this pink and black lace bottle without picking it up? At 100% Tempranillo, this low acid, low sugar wine is easy to drink and also, ladies night approved.

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