Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rock Out with Your Cocktail Out

To be truthful, the 4th of July is not my favorite holiday. Partly due to the fact that cramming onto a beach to watch fireworks isn't my style. So instead of sporting that Old Navy flag t-shirt and waving around flammable objects, I'm going to hang out on my porch, drink color coordinated cocktails, and listen to good music.


I'm sharing my three favorite drinks of the moment and great summer music for the perfect, low key July 4th festivity - sans red, white, and blue clothing. Hey, you can have a love affair all over your American flag wedges, but I'm just saying, you look dumb.

Just Press Play - If you don't have Spotify, now is your chance. It's free.

Sunset Sangria - Better Homes and Gardens

Not so much sangria as it is boozy limeade, the Sunset Sangria totally had me at "wine floater". Full recipe here.

Honey Citrus Cocktail - Sugar and Charm

Dragon Fruit vodka, honey, sugar? Excuse me if I act like a princess when I drink my Citrus Cocktail. Full recipe here.

Blueberry Mojito - Val So Cal

Huge girl crush on ValSoCal, this mojito recipe cuts the sugar in half with agave nectar. Full recipe here.


  1. they all look delicious! xx


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