Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Karma Jewelry

If former WFNX DJ Julie Kramer has taught me anything, it's that coffee is a very necessary part of your day, always recycle, and forever recognize the power of good karma.

Despite the universe totally dumping on me the last few weeks, I keep thinking my good karma-ways will eventually turn things around. But sometimes a girl needs a little support...and a pretty new accessory. Here are some of my favorite harmonious pieces that will certainly add to your style book, if not your cosmic providence.

Julie Kramer's Karma from Jason Steeves on Vimeo.

I'm typically not one for bracelets because of my freaklishly small wrists, but these dual purpose pieces are elegant enough for anyone to pull off.

MoonliDesigns - Gold Eternity Ring Karma Bracelet

Totally lightweight and will go with just about anything, you can wear your good karma all day, everyday. Might also make a nice bridesmaid gift.
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Dogeared Jewels - Karma Hammered Bracelet

Loving the handmade feel of the Dogeared bracelet and the red Irish linen not only adds color, but also reminds me of the beachy / rustic accessories of the summer.
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Good Karma Jewelry - Antique Copper Wave Bracelet

Good Karma knows how to have a good time with their jewelry. This quirky piece will bring the good vibes and the attention.
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Mosnos - Infinity Karma Bracelet in Antique Bronze

Probably one of my favorites, this infinity bracelet by Mosnos is straight up Karma in antique bronze.
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Okay, so I just ordered my Karma Bracelet! Pictures soon. Until then, I will continue holding doors and yielding to people in crosswalks (especially in the rain).

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