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Sunday, April 30, 2017

New Personnel, New Parts, New Attitudes - Salem Wolves to Release Their First LP Tooth & Nail

The pack finds their stride. Salem Wolves to release first LP Tooth & Nail.

“We think being a singles band is evolutionarily the best thing for most bands. From a culture perspective, it makes sense because things are very content driven and the buzz cycle is short. People expect you to be pumping out new content on a regular basis.” That was Salem Wolves during a 2015 interview with Bishop & Rook. Since then, the band has produced a total of 6 singles and 1 EP. But on May 5th, the band prepares to release their first LP, Tooth & Nail (MegaHex Records), a 12-track record that is comprised primarily of previously released songs. So the question we ask is; will Tooth & Nail be enough “new content”?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Music: Salem Wolves "Peach"

Salem Wolves (MegaHex Records) has a new track for your ear holes. “Peach”, recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks studio, produced, engineered and mixed by Dave Minehan mastered by Brad Krieger and featured on Chronicle (cuz we fancy now), continues the band’s mission to pump out high quality singles. “I've always been a "songs over albums" kinda guy, hooks over a jam,” Gray Salem told Bishop & Rook during a sit down over the summer.

You can stream the garage rock track on Soundcloud now and see the band live on February 26th with The Evil Streaks, The Devil's Twins and Damnation at Ralph’s Diner in Worcester (sponsored by Polar Seltzer // event details) and be on the lookout as the band visits WMBR’s Pipeline for a live in-studio session on March 15th.

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Sets the Bar High for Local Music - B&R Looks Back At Our Favorite Records of This Year

May you get drunk on wine beer new music in the new year. (image credit)

The best part of our job is finding new, local music that rivals anything you're hearing on the radio today, and then getting to talk to the people who created it. Going beyond the press release, we ask the questions that deepen the meaning of the song, highlight the passion of the artist and recognize the growing talent of the New England music scene.

Not totally comprehensive, but a good representation of our favorites from this year, here are Bishop & Rook's top records of 2015 (in no particular order). 2016 is coming, click here for details on how you can submit music and written contributions to the Boston punk rock and indie music blog offering premium reviews, limit one per cocktail.

Artist: Twin Foxes
Record: S/T
Article: We Measure Twin Foxes' Emoness with Debut EP, Courtesy of Disposable America

Artist: Grenades in the Archives
Record: Dressed Up Like Armageddon
Article: All ‘Dressed Up Like Armageddon’ With No Place To Go - New Punk From Grenades in the Archives

Artist: Tied to a Bear
Record: Safe, Boring & Safe
Article: Tied To A Bear's Debut LP ‘Safe, Boring & Safe’ & Record Release Show Announcement

Artist: Choke Up
Record: Black Coffee, Bad Habits
Article: Choke Up's Debut LP Leaves Us Speechless - Pre-order 'Black Coffee, Bad Habits'

Artist: Salem Wolves
Record: (Series of singles)
Article: Refining The Formula – Salem Wolves Dish on Band Growth, New Projects and a BIG Announcement

Artist: Rebuilder
Record: Rock & Roll In America
Article: Rebuiler’s Debut LP, How ‘Allston Christmas’ Influenced Album Art & What Exactly Is ‘Gnarly Rock’

Artist: Today Junior
Record: Ride the Surf
Article: Today Junior’s Sound Gets Ocean-soaked And Sunburnt in Ride The Surf

Artist: Mallcops
Record: The Funniest Joke You've Ever Told
Article: Sorry, Too Busy Feeling Feelings: Mallcops’ 'The Funniest Joke You've Ever Told' is an Addiction 

Artist: Bay Faction
Record: S/T

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rock Out With Your Cocktail Out Vol. XXXIX

New music, our picks for September shows and THE SHARK PUNCHER.

Welcome Back Freshman. Moving blow. Go to a show. Providence, Rhode Island’s emo trio Twin Foxes will be at Charlie’s Kitchen in Harvard Square with Tied to a Bear on September 14th, New Hampshire’s spunky Little My is with Fucko at Middle East Upstairs on September 22nd and New York garage band Soda Bomb is playing at O’Brien’s Pub with Sneeze on September 23rd. All of this and more featured in our September Rock Out With Your Cocktail Out Spotify playlist, plus partake in The Shark Puncher - a spiced rum recipe for you and your friends.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Refining The Formula – Salem Wolves Dish on Band Growth, New Projects and a BIG Announcement

Download your free copy of "Teenage Wonder" by Salem Wolves now.

Salem Wolves is one of those bands we’ve been watching out of the corner of our eye. Kicking off the year with their dirty, reverb-saturated garage music featured on the 4-song EP 'Black Books' (MegaHex Records), the band has developed their sound at an accelerated pace with the premier of two additional tracks this summer. Their second single release “Teenage Wonder” (follow up to July’s “More Weight”) pulls in influences from doo-wop and soul while staying true to their lo-fi foundation.

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