Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tied To A Bear's Debut LP ‘Safe, Boring & Safe’ & Record Release Show Announcement

Download your copy of 'Safe, Boring & Safe' now.

To us, Tied To A Bear has been some sort of scene folklore. Jeff Rowe has a new band. It features Harley Cox (Choke Up) on drums. They have no internet identity so you’re just going to have to go to a show to see them. Which we did. More than once. (that one time) (that other time). And now you can hear them for yourself with the release of their debut LP and a limited time free download.

Tied To A Bear is the culmination of every Jeff Rowe project whittled by time, experiences and influences and backed by a band of talented musicians. A songwriter who had found his niche, packed it up in a guitar case and traveled around the country with it, Rowe sings about life and the necessary uphill battles presented by it. “This is a little bit about my problems, if you relate, I’m sure you will, because we probably have the same problems. This song is about my family,” Rowe stated during a live performance of his solo material.

With gruff proclamations, tight performances and a sound that ranges from Gas Light Anthem to The Explosion, Tied To A Bear (Jeff Rowe, Harley Cox, Paul Picillo, Matt Murphy) has officially released a digital version of their debut LP ‘Safe, Boring & Safe’ (Discuss and Disregard Records); an adverse title of a record bursting with influential material which could not possibly be composed by a safe and boring life.

“We’re all hanging onto the notion that this life will live itself.” – Potential

"Tied To a Bear is so much more collaborative than anything I've ever done,” Rowe tells Bishop & Rook. “I've never been in a band where all the members mold the song into something totally different and way more interesting than the original song that was brought in. And the label we’re working with, Discuss and Disregard Records out of York, PA, is run by someone who really believes in our music and wants the best for the record. There is little more a band could ask for these days.”

A band that was previously rumored to be 'too cool for the internet', in the span of a few months, TTAB established a Facebook page and premiered their debut release without much media build up. "At the end of the day, we're really good friends that are playing music for the love of it. I think that we were cautious about adding all the stuff that normal bands feel like they have to do. And as far as surprises go, we loved releasing the record on a whim—with no promotion. We have a bunch of surprises up our sleeves; they just haven't made themselves apparent to us yet."

An honest and respectable representation of the quality of music coming out of the Boston music scene, ‘Safe, Boring & Safe’ is a solid record to raise your glass to.

See Tied To A Bear during their record release show on July 10th at Firebrand Saints in Kendall Square featuring Mistaker (ex-Smoke or Fire) and special guests to be announced. A very limited run of CDs featuring the artwork by Erica Bell will be available at the show.

Follow Tied To A Bear on Facebook for additional show and release information. Head to Bandcamp to snag a limited time, free copy of the premier track "Potential" and download the entire 'Safe, Boring & Safe' record for $8 now.

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