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Monday, May 27, 2013

Crimes – A Short Burst of Punk Music

New Jersey punk rockers, Crimes,
start off strong in Boston (image credit)

“Has anyone ever seen Fievel Goes West? This song is about that movie. It’s a concept song."

Having already attracted the attention of Punknews and AbsolutePunk with their April stream of "Out in the West", New Jersey punk band, Crimes (ex-Static Radio NJ, Rescuer, Fierce Brosnan), made their Boston debut (and played the second show of their career) at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston on Sunday night during the Banquets record release show. Playing songs off their self-titled EP, released on Black Numbers, Crimes features a bit of pop-punk Nirvana and Jawbreaker swagger. But it was the band’s dedication to an energetic set and engaging banter that hijacked the show…and made the sting the of the cassette tape only release, tolerable. Here’s hoping a 7” is in the works.

Crimes is definitely a band to keep on your radar in the upcoming months. Follow Crimes on Facebook and Twitter as they solidify future tour dates. And purchase their 2013 self-titled EP on Bandcamp.

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