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Friday, April 12, 2013

American Thread - Music For A Heavy Heart

American Thread offers middle America folk rock with
Boston area influences

Whether you've lost that one person who was able to steal a piece of your heart or just found yourself sitting at the end of a lonely bar, the songs from American Thread's 2013 album, Killing Days, define the emotional life experiences of the everyman. Like that of Bob Dylan, Billy Bragg and fellow New England singer/song writer Tristan Omand, this Boston folk rock band utilizes the story telling-style of Middle American music and brings it home by including regional landmarks. With poetic lyrics, American Thread emulates that gritty atmosphere of callous covered disparity we associate so well with blue colored communities, and depicts the heavy heart of a worn down soul and the resilience of the working class.

Notable tracks: 4. Wedding Day, 6. Fisherman's Lullabye, 8. Parade, 10. Directions to Heaven

Killing Days is available to stream and as a free download on Bandcamp. Follow American Thread on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming show dates, including Friday, April 12th  at The Tinker's Son in Norwell, MA and May 18th at All Asia Cafe, Cambridge, MA.

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