Sunday, June 24, 2012

Record Store Trip - Diskovery

Our trip to Diskovery Records in Brighton, MA. Unfortunately, Diskovery will be closing in July of this year. This place is so cool, total shame.

Piles of records, stacks of books. A dusty media cabinet with used VHS tapes. There are no actual isles, just tiny winding paths leading you to the next milk crate of vinyl, and possibly a cat. The show tunes are next to the punk rock, which is next to the 60's love-fest compilations. To everyone else, this set up is total chaos, but to the little Hispanic shop owner, Yolanda Stratter, it's an organized system of the history of rock and roll.

Chris Van Slyke from Boston Music Blog, "Boston Through My Eyes", said it best. "Got this one, this one’s cool, don’t need this, cat laying on top of the next record."

Stacks of records at Diskovery, Brighton MA
Words of wisdom via the Pink Panther
Organized chaos at Diskovery
Featured records
After 32 years, Diskovery will be closing its doors
"Watch out for the cat! No one ever looks down when they walk. People will step on him, he could sleep anywhere, but no, he sleeps at the door." - Yolanda Stratter
Snagged a sweet red vinyl Dwarfs record


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