Monday, September 21, 2015

New Music: Black Hatch S/T

(New) New Hampshire punk for your ear holes.

Merrimack, New Hampshire punks, Black Hatch, have debuted their … wait for it … 16-song full-length. As if someone hit record and didn’t stop, the S/T record is a rambling train of wailing guitars, adolescent screaming, and proclamations of nonsense.

Although the unnaturally long record (according to current standards) is a bit too much for our short attention span and features a few tracks that don’t provide much value to the album, it does contain some catchy songs like “Shake What You’ve Got” with Hives-like tempo and “Graveyard Dance Party” which immediately reminded us of The Meteors’ psychobilly tune “The Graveyard Stomp”. With a traditional anarchy punk sound, we think there’s at least one song that will make you hit replay.

Purchase the S/T record on Bandcamp for $5 and follow Black Hatch on Facebook for show dates.

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