Thursday, August 6, 2015

Goodbye Indignant—Hello, Winter Hill Brewing Company!

Indignant Brewery in Somerville will be called ‘Winter Hill Brewing Company’ going forward. A recent email from the company stated the name change was due to naming rights. “Another small company—from Chicago—has a beer that they release once a year called Indignant … Even the small companies are quickly filing to federally own not just their company name, but also their beers and basic descriptors … However, we’re not swayed by the aforementioned climate. We’re changing our name and moving forward.”

Jeff Rowe, Head Brewer/Co-owner and frontman for punk rock band Tied to a Bear, goes on to express the company’s excitement to represent the Winter Hill neighborhood and hints at ‘exciting things to announce in the coming weeks’ including beer list and menu. Winter Hill Brewing Co. is located at 328 Broadway in Somerville, MA and is set to open later this year. Follow them on Facebook for additional information.

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