Saturday, December 21, 2013

Shambles – It’s Not That Weird

Shambles rock out at O'Brien's Pub in Allston Friday Night, 12/20/13 (image credit)

A bunch of Allston kids singing songs about growing up and going nowhere fast, isn’t that what music is all about? Shambles, featured on Allston Pudding’s Fall Localz Only Free Mixtape XXMMIII, is a humble, hometown pop punk band with catchy songs averaging about 2:30, “Sorry we keep talking in between songs, but they’re all like a minute long, so we kind of have to.”

These talks included bassist/singer Jeremy and guitarist/singer Rob's salt and pepper stage banter about the severity of “weird” when it comes to the popularity of Joni Mitchell as a subject to sing about (including their own Ergs! inspired track) and hidden bird call talents during the RTT Presents show at O'Brien's Pub Friday night. I’ll take it.

Fresh off the FEST train, where Shambles played along fellow Boston bands including Save Ends, Born Without Bones and Rebuilder at the nation’s largest punk rock festival in Florida, the four-piece is back home promoting their 2013 EP, Move Away, which you can download on Bandcamp at a ‘name your price’ value, or grab a cassette (Antique Records) for $5.

Along with producing a fun live set, Shambles is pretty fucking hilarious on Twitter. Keep this band on your radar for good times, straight pop punk sounds and free stickers.

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