Friday, July 12, 2013

Rebuilder Debut Self-Titled EP is a Headrush

In between opening for big name acts like The Dropkick Murphys and Dead Milkmen, and touring the festival circuit with appearances at Pouzza Fest (Montreal, CA 5/18), Warped Tour (Boston, 7/11) and the upcoming FEST (Gainsville, FL 11/3), Boston punk rock band, Rebuilder (Refuse Rethink Rebuild Records), found time to record their debut EP. Available now.

Name your price download of the new Rebuilder EP available on Bandcamp

Formed earlier this year, Rebuilder (which features members of the late punk band, Dead Ellington), offers a well-rounded 6 song EP that covers all the typical bases: underdog status, fighting for your rights, heart-on-sleeve lyrics. And if you catch them live, denim vests, tattoos, facial hair.

The self-titled EP starts off with a punk disposition during ‘Everything I Hate’ and ‘Exhaustion’, which harp on the disaffected adolescent attitude.

“Is it too much to ask that I win this race / Is it too much to ask that I not be so frustrated underrated” and “We make up our own rules, we make our own lives / not asking for questions, just asking for rights.”

While ‘Keep Me Awake’ features a very Ataris pop punk style, the wild card in this all cards on the table project has to be the ballad, ‘Out of Touch’. Singer, Sal Ellington explains, “When we started playing as Rebuilder, we took a bunch of songs that I had written acoustically. ‘Out of Touch’ was one that I always loved, but we never did anything with during Dead Ellington.” Although he admits the song does not make an appearance during live shows, it can be played upon request.

Dry those eyes because the EP continues by jumping into the refreshing 1:16 ‘Heroes in the Sun’ (featured on the Allston Pudding Presents Boston Marathon Relief Mixtape) which backs into the band’s signature closing song and in my opinion, breakout track, ‘Headrush’. As the band explains, a headrush relates to the “amazing feeling” you get when you’re playing on stage with your friends and having people like what they hear.

When asked if the Rebuilder EP had a specific message, Ellington stated, “I spent a lot of time in prior bands singing about social issues. And while I think they are important, I believe when you sing about yourself and your problems, people can appreciate it more. The general message of the band is to be yourself and be creative, we need more people like that."

Hear the message for yourself by streaming / purchasing the new Rebuilder self-titled EP on Bandcamp today.

Follow Rebuilder on Facebook and Twitter for tour updates and visit the band’s record label, Refuse Rethink Rebuild Records, for additional information. Rebuilder will be hitting the road and playing New York and New Jersey late July. Details on a hometown record release show will be announced shortly.

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