Monday, December 23, 2013

Wine Them Over - Top Wines For Christmas

LOL It's Christmas. WTF.

'Tis the season to be so unfamiliar with someone's preferences that you have more of an opinion on Grumpy Cat vs. Lil Bub than you do about what they would really like for Christmas. Or perhaps this is your attempt at being a classy adult during someone's holiday party. Bottles of wine never go out of style. Before you wander aimlessly into a Target at 9:45pm on Christmas Eve, take a glance at Bishop And Rook's unofficially endorsed wines. All under $16, chosen solely on how cool the label was.

Red Blend
Apothic Red
I once drank an entire bottle in one sitting and was not hungover the next day.

White Blend
Apothic White
Why stray from excellence? Apothic's second creation, the company only produces two wines, a red and a white. Both are exactly what you would think a blend should taste like.

Kung Fu Girl
A light tasting wine with a bad ass label. *Wine Advice - When giving wine as a hostess gift, buy two bottles. One for now and one for when you finish the first bottle.

Pinot Noir
Lucky Star
Savory but not too heavy. Try it before you buy it. Offered at Mike's Restaurant in Davis Square.

Pinot Grigio
TXT Cellars Wine LMAO!!! Pinot Grigio
Found locally at Marty's, this Pinot Grigio has a minimal fruity flavor and a well balanced acidity to allow you to LMAO as you DMAO. Currently the go-to Pinot. Also available in WTF!!! Pinot Noir, OMG!!! Chardonnay and GR8!!! Cabernet Sauvignon.

If you like fruity flavors, this is liquid sugar. Make it a party with the 1.5L bottle, about the same price as any 750ML bottle on this list.

Sweet Shiraz
Jam Jar
Like a Moscato incognito, covered in grape jelly, Jam Jar has the flavor profile of a sangria.

None. You have terrible taste in wine. Thank goodness you found this post. Please see options above.

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