Sunday, October 13, 2013

Born Without Bones – This is a Born Without Bones Cover

Born Without Bones played to impress during Friday night's O'Brien's Show.

Holy shit, Born Without Bones. Go to their shows, buy their merch, listen to their music, write their name on your locker, buy three dogs and name them ‘Born’ ‘Without’ and ‘Bones’. Can you get pregnant from this? I think you can.

With a late 90’s rock sound, Born Without Bones (Animal Style Records) played a 30 minute set at O'Brien's Pub last Friday night like it was a make or break situation; performing passionate, teeth gritting songs with their hearts and souls. Their recordings are great but don’t do this Milford, MA band justice if you have a chance to see them live. Powerful and dynamic with an abundance of heartfelt songwriting, I am particularly enamored by “Rough Terrain”, “Cancelled” and “Slow Motion”.

Follow Born Without Bones on Facebook and Twitter for additional band info and tour dates, stream/purchase their latest record, Baby, as well as their 2010 record, Say Hello on Bandcamp or head over to Storenvy for vinyls and other merch. Born Without Bones will be representing MA as they travel down to FEST this November.

I was in love. And I did know it. So I did show it. 

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