Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Coach & Sons Olde Time Family Booking Presents 'Coach Comp Vol. 1'

Download the 47-song comp for $3 on Bandcamp now.

Coach & Sons Olde Time Family Booking has released their first local music compilation.

The 47-song digital download entitled Coach Comp Vol. 1 features new songs from Animal Flag and Fall Risk (who you can see at Charlie’s Kitchen on March 2nd), as well as tracks from Soroity Noise, Sports., St. Nothing, Survay Says! and more. You can grab the comp on Bandcamp for $3, proceeds go to participating bands.

“This is the first ever Coach & Sons compilation! This features our best friends, and bands we've worked with the past 2 years. All proceeds go directly into paying bands, and working towards buying a PA for future shows in Boston!” 

The easiest way to find new local music outside of going to a show.
But you should still go to a show.

Participating Bands:
Lions, Animal Flag, Pet Jail, Prawn, Leaner, Fall Risk, Del Paxton, Vitamin Sun, Born Without Bones, Nishad George, The Bets of The Worst, Andrew F-Word Lowrey, Unraveler, Sorority Noise, Lovechild, People Like You, Deathdealer, Snowhaus, Survay Says!, Paige Chaplin, TRASHLORD, Poor Jeremy, Evelyn Horan, The Most, Everything Ever, Sports., Yeehaw!, Robins, Fun Home, Hit home, Burglary Years, Strange Mangers, Perspective A Lovely Hand to Hold, Cyberbully Mom Club, Dylan Ewen, Palm Spring Life, Quarrels, Fauxdephone, Daephne, The Blues Dream Box, THE AUX, St. Nothing, Puppy Problems, Funeralbloom, Between Trees, Willow youth

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