Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blackbutton Single Release Show - January 17th

Blackbutton Single Release Show. We're dying to see who the next stripper is.

In mid-December, Blackbutton spent a day at Q Division Studios for Converse Rubber Tracks Boston and recorded their third single from the Stripper Series. To celebrate its release, the band is putting on a show with friends The Year Million, Jessica Prouty Band, and A Wish For Fire. Join in and get your free copy of the single :Friday, Janu:ary 17th at TT The Bear's Place in Central Square, Cambridge. (Set times can be found on TT's website). This show is $10, 18+, 8:30pm doors. For additional details, view the official Facebook event page.

The 2013 WZLX Rock 'n' Roll Rumble finalists and winners of the headlining slot for The Midday Social (one of New England's fastest growing music related networking event held quarterly in Providence, RI) released their first two singles in the Stripper Series, "Still Kids" and "Canopy", in the spring and summer of last year respectively, which you can listen to on Bandcamp.

In a fall interview with Midday Records, frontman Jordan Tavenner talks about the creative idea behind the series.
"The singles series itself is an idea we had that would allow us to keep up recording in different studios year-round with all kinds of creative people, which we thought was more attractive than recording one full-length all at once. Now we don’t feel confined to the continuity of an album, and rather obligated to explore the new tracks every time we’re in the studio. Back when the ‘Still Kids’ single was being recorded, I came across a bunch of Polaroids of strippers taken from the 60s. The collection was scanned and posted online years ago, and as the story goes they were found in a junk pile at a yard sale in California. I immediately thought that it was perfect for our series, and, at the time, even tied into the concept of ‘Still Kids’ really well. So, I emailed and found a way we could use these for Blackbutton. Thus, the new singles are all dubbed part of the Stripper Series."

If you haven't heard yet, "Canopy" is a featured track on Bishop And Rook's "Break Out Boston Bands of 2014" Mutiny on the Microphone podcast episode. Event poster created by Daykamp Creative.

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