Friday, January 4, 2013

Boom Said Thunder - Sexy In Person

Front woman, Abby Bickel, of Boom Said Thunder
- Boston Image Credit

An orgy of luxurious vocals, solid base and methodical drumming created a delicious set of lustful adrenaline last night at McGann's Irish Pub in Boston. A cross between Karen O, Grace Slick, and a wet dream, Abby Bickel is a seductively spunky front woman with a set of lungs that would not match such a small frame in any line up. I liked her style, I'm pretty sure we own the same shoes. Performed exclusively in the dark, the audience witnessed a pre climactic buffering of intensity by the self-proclaimed fuzz rock band. A faster, harder, deeper presentation; on the cusp of culmination, the room was drawn into a 'give it all we’ve got' mentality of this truly talented trio. With sultry strutting, sweating drums and the occasional giggle, Boston band, Boom Said Thunder, is a sexy bedroom animal with a microphone. An appropriate band hug, which became infectious with the crowd, completed the forceful set.

As one fan said, "That shit was tight."

"Boom!" EP is available for download on bandcamp. Debut full length, "EXIST", is set to release March 1st, 2013.

Catch Abby, John and Will of Boom Said Thunder, January 11th at Lit Lounge (NYC) and January 23rd at TT The Bears (Cambridge).

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  1. Dude. I started streaming their EP on Bandcamp out of curiosity after reading this post and this music rocks!


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