Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The 30 Day Challenge

You know what I don’t do? New Year’s resolutions. I set myself up for failure enough in one day, I don’t need to voluntarily recognize all the things I should accomplish / change / be better at in one year and then make false promises to myself that said improvements will happen in a timely manner. I resolve to not eat this entire bag of trail mix. Fail, every time. Guaranteed disappointment.
I made one resolution a few years ago that I just carry over each January 1st. Say yes more. It’s so easy to become a reclusive hermit, but if you pound that Red Bull and get out in the world, you’ll be more interesting, meet cool people and realize that you want ticker tape falling from the sky wherever you go.

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That being said, we’ve thrown resolutions out the window and installed the 30 day challenge. Boom. Resolution boot camp style.

Between being gluttonous fat kids over winter break and watching a documentary on veganism, we decided to alter our diets for the month of January, in hopes that after the 30 day hump, we can make some permanent changes. But I also envision a Mardi Gras type celebration February 1st. So we’ll see. 

Proving they are just as awesome as we are, a handful of friends were recruited to participate in their own challenges. Bread-free, alcohol-free, vegetarian diet, drinking more water, what have you.

My personal challenge – Vegetarian and alcohol-free. I don’t eat red meat to begin with so it will be easy. But apparently I’m an alcoholic considering I was met with a ‘Yeah right’ after proclaiming my personal Prohibition. Well Mr. I can’t change the toilet paper no matter how many extra rolls are stacked behind me, I have a wedding AND a family party in the month of January. And I’m going to be sober for both of them. Have fun with that!

Vegucated is a really well made documentary that made me laugh and cry and want to go vegan immediately. It's currently available to watch instantly on Netflix.


  1. happy 2013! I'm trying to drink a little less. You my friend are brave but I have faith in you!

    1. Happy New Year! I'm hoping all my reckless binge drinking in December will tide me over for the next 28 days.


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