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Mutiny on the Microphone Podcast

Our friends at Mutiny on the Microphone have got your weekly New England music hookup!

Through the use of podcasts, interviews, reviews, and news updates, Mutiny On The Microphone is a website dedicated to helping increase the exposure of artists from the New England area. We’re here to help recognize those who do a little bit more to help make our part of the world a little brighter and more pleasant to be a part of.

Making ‘waves since 2011, it’s Mutiny On The Microphone.

Listen to Bishop And Rook on MOTM

► October 2015 - Bishop And Rook Guest DJs Co-Hosts Mutiny on the Microphone Because...We're Not Quite Sure Why / Was Promised Wine
► February 2015 - Bishop And Rook Returns to Mutiny on the Microphone (for some reason)
► 2014 - Bishop And Rook Guest DJs the 'Break Out Bands of 2014' Podcast For Mutiny on the Microphone

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