Monday, September 14, 2015

Iggy Pop Goes Topless in H&M's 'Close the Loop' Campaign Video

Iggy Pop and others cameo in the promo video for H&M's global recycling initiative.

Iggy Pop makes a cameo in the recent H&M promotional video highlighting the Swedish retail-clothing company's global recycling campaign ‘Close the Loop: The Garment Collecting Program’.

The advertisement promotes making and breaking the rules of fashion trends and faux pas in an effort to recycle your clothing and to not let fashion go to waste.

After you’ve worn your clothes in every possible combination and are ready to move on, consumers are instructed to leave their unwanted clothes—regardless of their brand or condition—in the garment collecting boxes at your local H&M store. The clothes are then taken to a processing plant, where they're sorted and graded into three categories: rewear, reuse and recycle. Find an H&M near you.

The initiative comes months after H&M, along with other inexpensive fashion retailers, were featured in a social awareness documentary entitled ‘The True Cost’ by Andrew Morgan (available to watch on Netflix), that exposes and examines fast fashion’s high demand and negative impact on society and the environment from the roughly 40 million garment workers in the developing countries to the more than 11 million tons of textile waste discarded from the U.S. alone.

“When everything is concentrated on making profits, what you see is that human rights, the environment, workers’ rights get lost,” states the documentary.

Watch both trailers below.

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