Monday, July 20, 2015

Your Friends Fest - Community Music & Arts Event Happens August 1st

Over 30 sponsors, 5 bands and a whole mess of tabling businesses. Get full details here.

On August 1st, your current friends, future friends, casual acquaintances and fellow Boston music scene supporters will be at the inaugural Your Friends Fest at Cuisine en Locale, 156 Highland Ave., Somerville. Orchestrated by the offbeat artist and frontman of local garage band Psychic Dog, Dug McCormack, the event oozes excitement, zest and the promise of a good time.

“As lame as it sounds, we're like moths going for the light...artists, writers, musicians, most creative people…we try to find like-minded energies to share a bit of the ride.”

“My motivation behind Your Friends Fest was the notion of how lucky we are to be surrounded by and supported by so many incredibly talented artists and friends,” explains an enthusiastic McCormack. “The name comes from the fact that you likely know most of the vendors/sponsors. We are so fucking lucky having the luxury of calling them friends.” True story, with over 30 sponsors and five musical acts on the bill the involvement is heavy.

“A community is based on support and the promotion of those you feel are working hard at what you believe in, something that represents you. It's not just one person who should dictate that, but that’s just an opinion. Everyone involved is showcased because they do good things for the community and they deserved some recognition. The venue. The staff. The bands. The artists. The businesses. The crowd. EVERYONE.”

Along with sets by Spo, Currents, Great News and Ocelot Records representatives, DCDR and Psychic Dog, roughly 20 participating vendors and businesses will set up shop, spreading the word of their DIY mentality, selling their goods and representing their footprint in the scene.

Mike's Monster Guitars - the only place I bring my gear - will have a table, awesome shop right outside of Central Square. WEMF Radio will have some swag, big supporters of the local music and arts and pretty OK people too! Out of the Blue Too Gallery is one of my biggest supporters and proponents, pushing art and community every day and every night. Mucho love and respect for all they do at SweeTree Ink. Dave Tree (TREE) has been like an older brother to many in the music and art scene and has been doing it for a long time. I was lucky enough to be introduced to his music at an early age and, after getting past the fan boy stupor, realized he was a real dude just like me, doing what he can to make art and share his experience with as many people he can.”

Your Friends Fest is following the trend of multimedia art events popping up in the city. What was once a standard rock show, these DIY mini festivals have now evolved into the recognition and collaboration of many art forms that make each experience unique.

“We are all trying to live life to the fullest. As lame as it sounds, we're like moths going for the light...artists, writers, musicians, and most creative people need similar energy in order to create. My art comes from personal interaction and experiences, but that's just me. We try to find like-minded energies to share a bit of the ride.”

Check out the official Your Friends Fest Facebook event page for a full list of participating businesses and additional information. Head to Cuisine en Locale on Saturday, August 1st (6PM/$10) for the real deal. Remember to stop by the Bishop & Rook / Boston Scene Party table and say "hi".

And some last words from the event organizer and one of the most genuinely passionate and supportive people we've met in the scene, “My wife rules. Someday I will be able to let her know just how much her support and love and positivity does for me. I would be dead if I didn't have her. THANK YOU TO ALL INVOLVED. This isn't easy, but if it goes well we'll do it again. Let’s just have a good time and ignore the negativity, we're already dead lets enjoy each other while we can.”

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