Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bloghead Podcast Signs Off - Ocelot Records Takes Over

Bloghead Podcast creator Steve Knowles makes room for new project, Ocelot Records.

After 3 years and 42 episodes, Boston Bloghead (aka Bloghead Podcast) has signed off for the last time. Originally established at the end of 2010 as a website dedicated to detailing the Boston rock and punk scene, Bloghead soon branched out to include a podcast, show booking and promotions entity and a spinoff podcast, “New England Local Lode” manned by Bloghead co-host Jason Powers.

In a recent announcement, founder Steve Knowles explains, “The time has come to say farewell to Boston Bloghead. It was a tough decision to make, but new music adventures (and life) have stripped away all the time for blogging, podcasting and the like.”

The radio host will continue to hustle new music as he refocuses his energy on a new music endeavor, Ocelot Records, a Boston independent record label focusing on providing New England DIY bands with personalized services to fit their goals within the music industry. Ocelot’s current roster includes Knowles’ own band, The Digs and 2014 Pouzza Fest band A Minor Revolution, as well as Horse Mode, Irukandji and Nomnivore.

The new kids in town. Ocelot Records is the most recent Boston DIY label.

Bloghead’s most notable event was the 2013 Punk N Roll BBQ all-day Fundraiser for Rawkstars, Inc., a Massachusetts based nonprofit that creates and sustains programs that develop life skills through discovery, education, creation and participation in music. While details of the 2nd Annual Punk N Roll BBQ are still hush hush, Knowles tells Bishop And Rook the event will continue to support RawkStars Inc. and will feature at least 12 main stage bands (6 rock, 6 punk) with a number of acoustic acts throughout the day. “We are in the works on getting sponsors for a raffle. A sneak peek of confirmed bands include Dead Cats Dead Rats, A Minor Revolution, The Digs, Horse Mode, Patrick Simas and Tommy Ghost (Matt Reppucci of DCDR).”

If you're jonesing for some local internet music, Knowles recommends WEMF Radio, Full Scene Ahead and 411 Underground Radio in his absence. Previous episodes of Bloghead Podcast can be found on

Follow Ocelot Records on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming information on the 2nd Annual Punk N Roll BBQ Fundraiser and visit for complete label information.

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