Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#BandcampRoulette – Your American Math

Bandcamp Roulette, the radio edition.

That time when you turned on the radio to catch the bridge of a song you’ve never heard before. Shazam could not help you, the internet vaguely knew what you were talking about, but your perseverance uncovered one, lonely and borderline defunct MySpace page. With just two tracks to entertain your new obsession, your success was bittersweet and you began to mentally sift through your list of college radio station connections who could possibly burn a copy of your new favorite record of songs you haven’t listened to yet.

Athens, Georgia 5-piecee Your American Math made a record 'Motors Into The Drink' in 2003. That record has a 10:04 song called “Annual Headache Drive”. 88.1FM WMBR has been playing it sporadically since its release date twelve years ago. And we now know what love is.

“Your American Math delve into Radiohead tunefulness as much as they do the Slint workouts. Intermittent traces of Omaha folk are juxtaposed with the jazzy weirdness of Karate…On a track like the stunning, exhausting "Annual Headache Drive," the band's careful craftsmanship truly pays off,” Stein Hauklandwww.ink19.com

anual headache drive from your american math on Myspace.

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