Friday, January 23, 2015

Overseas, Diger, Old Flings and Camiches Release International 4-way Split

Costa Rican pop punk bands Overseas and Diger have collaborated with Old Flings (NC) and Camiches (Mexico City) to release an international DIY 4-way split.

A combination of networking and touring brought these four bands together. “Overseas and Diger share the same drummer. I'm booking a Central American tour for Camiches in July and they’re booking a Mexican tour for Overseas and Diger in September,” explains Overseas bassist, Alejandro Guerrero. As for the American band, “We played the same show [with Old Flings] in Montreal in 2014 at Pouzza Fest, as soon as the idea of the split came out I contacted them and they really liked it.”

The unique record contains four tracks, layered in English and Spanish, created by bands with similar sounds and a desire to spread awareness of new music from various countries.

4 Way Split can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp.

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