Sunday, August 24, 2014

Close Out Your Summer With "Gwen Stacy"

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Stream single "Gwen Stacy" on Bandcamp today.

If the Cure could collaborate with Arctic Monkeys, “Gwen Stacy” would be that posh and electric love child. The single off of A-C-K by Burlington, VT singer-songwriter and frontman for folk rock outfit Bandleader, Patrick McCormack, is on point with a sleek and sophisticated sound, fitting for roof top cocktail parties to backyard barbeques, available pre-release for your listening pleasures, and an ideal addition to your vacation outro playlist.

McCormack took to Facebook to explain the single. "'Gwen Stacy' took over two years to reach its final form. The original demo was born the week my partner [Katherine] first moved away to college, and I was completely lost...I realized that she was the missing link in my recordings."

To balance out the 6-song EP, McCormack borrows some of the after-hours slow and steady vibes from Bandleader’s 2013 LP Coal, Pressure, Time to ground an otherwise poppier record, featuring appearances by vocalist Katherine Lika.

“The release of the EP A-C-K is more of a return to form, if anything,” McCormack explains. “I started out with a primary focus on solo songwriting, while the Bandleader project offered a really interesting platform to explore. Working independently gives me a different sound, for sure. The band adds a great social element to the overall experience, but I work more efficiently by myself.”

A-C-K is the third independent release by the New England artist.

“I've never been more proud of another project,” McCormack divulges, noting that although this is a solo venture, the contributing musicians featured on the record amplifies his concept. “The closing track of the EP, “I Do”, was a song that Katherine first envisioned, with a chorus melody that really took me by surprise. We originally put that song together for our friend, [Bandleader bassist] Dan Dodd’s wedding. He and his bride-to-be asked that we perform at their wedding, and “I Do” was the closing number for their marriage ceremony; the title was a total coincidence.”

A-C-K will be released as a digital download via Bandcamp on August 26th. “Gwen Stacy” can be streamed today. Follow Patrick McCormack on Facebook for additional release information.

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