Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bandleader Produces a Few Gems with ‘Coal, Pressure, Time’

Vermont's Bandleader combines folk, indie and rock in 'Coal, Pressure, Time'

There is something inherently vintage with Vermont bands. From 60’s surf rock of Vultures of Cult to the 70’s groove of the Persian Claws, and now the funk infused folk rock of Bandleader, the Green Mountain State boasts bands that warp time into modern sounds. Written with strict principals of simplicity and purpose, while challenging their technical abilities, Burlington, Vermont folk rock band, Bandleader, produces a few gems with their 2013 debut record, Coal, Pressure, Time.

Similar to the heavyhearted back story to Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago, Coal, Pressure, Time is inspired by heartache and crafted in the seclusion of the woods. Coal, Pressure, Time is an expression of the discomfort the band’s leader experienced after a year spent separated from his partner of four years. With a passion to tell an unfolding story, and an appetite for seclusion, Bandleader headed to the woods to write. Or so the story goes.

Breakout hit, “Satisfy Your Heart”, capitalizes on the minimalist sound movement with the hypnotic Jack White-esc tempo, and displays a soulful posture on the record. The repetitive lyrics are broad enough in context to be taken as a proclamation of love or a spiteful mantra. And the accompanied music video contributes to both the band’s passion for simplicity and that whole ‘in the woods’ origin.

“Pine”, which sounds like storytelling tale straight out of a Tarantino movie, is a tumbleweed rolling folk song, with interludes of indie rock woven into the chorus.

While some bands fault with a limited vocal range, Bandleader is able to produce a record that spans multiple octaves, creating a full-bodied sound. The band hopes to tour to Boston in 2014.

Follow Bandleader on Facebook for tour updates and additional information and stream / purchase Coal, Pressure, Time on Bandcamp for $7-$10 today.

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