Sunday, March 30, 2014

Last Minute Legalities Postpone ARCH Launch

Last minute paperwork issues postpone ARCH Grand Opening.

In a press release posted on Allston Rock City Hall's Facebook page on March 29th, Studio 52 Manager Nick Grieco announces the postponement launch of the new Allston Rock City Hall (ARCH) due to "last minute permitting concerns", with the subtext of the hopes to open later this spring. Just 24 hours earlier, the page was advertising featured artists with the message "See you all tomorrow!". ARCH will be the newest addition to to the warehouse turned artist space at Studio 52 in Allston. Run by artists for artists.

"Studio 52 has decided to postpone the launch of the new “Allston Rock City Hall” or ARCH music venue due to last minute permitting concerns. Studio 52 hopes to open the ARCH hall later this spring, as a new music performance space that will be a landmark for musicians and music lovers for years to come.

Studio 52 would like to thank Mayor Walsh and his staff, the Boston Fire Department, Allston Village Main Streets and local elected officials who worked with them up until the final hours to try and secure the necessary permits. “Everyone put in their best effort and we are confident that this will happen in the future,” said Glenn Michael.

The opening event would have featured performances by Lance Riley, Lannen, DJ Leah McFly and Moe Pope. “We want to thank all of the performers for making an appearance and being understanding about the postponing of this event. When the grand opening happens we are hoping to have the same performers- and we would be happy to have them return,” said Manager Nick Grieco.

“We pride ourselves on being good neighbors to the Allston community,” said Rich Anton General Manager of Studio 52. “We will continue to work with the city to create a safe and healthy environment for musicians to hone their craft.”

Studio 52 has been open since June of 2012. Their space located at 52 Everett Street in Allston boasts 120 professionally managed music rehearsal spaces. They are the home base to hundreds of local bands and performers.

Thank you all so much for your support, and please, stay tuned. All of us. All together. Allston Rock City Hall loves you all."

Nick Grieco can be reached by phone at 860-543-5785 and by email

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