Friday, January 3, 2014

Studio 52's Capital Idea - Allston Rock City Hall

Allston's premiere practice space announces capital idea with future venue space, Allston Rock City Hall.

Studio 52, Allston’s warehouse-turned-artist-space, known to house some of today’s best and brightest bands including Mellow Bravo, The Field Effect, Big D and the Kids Table, and over 100 more, is just about a few months out from getting that much more in tune with the Boston music scene with the addition of an in-house performance space called Allston Rock City Hall (ARCH).

Positioned as a facility that is an inspiring, clean, and positive environment for artists and musicians to perfect their craft, Studio 52 is run by artists, for artists.

General Manager and Owner Rich Anton, and Director of Operations Glenn Michael decided upon the idea, the way so many of us achieve epic epiphanies, over drinks. Initially, ARCH will operate as a private event hall, sans the sale alcohol or public admission, in hopes to someday acquire a state liquor license. In the meantime, Studio 52’s Allston Rock City Hall is the ideal setting for private parties to art galleries, rock shows to sponsored events.

Bands interested in renting spaces at Studio 52 can swing by their website. Follow the organization on Facebook and Twitter for ARCH updates.

Read the original article written by Steph Hiltz of the Boston Globe (1.2.14).

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