Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bishop And Rook at WMBR Cambridge - Hashtag No Swearing

DJ Jeff Breeze working. Kristin creeping. Follow Bishop And Rook on Instagram!

From podcasts in January to FCC regulated radio in February, Bishop And Rook is making the rounds on the airwaves!

Our friend DJ Jeff Breeze over at WMBR's local music show Pipeline! was nice enough to let use hang out Tuesday night, talk shop, promote the Bishop And Rook Flirty Thirty Birthday Show happening February 15th in Allston, and let said Birthday Show band, Save Ends, jam out live on air. Hashtag No Swearing. Hashtag Muffins.

We had a blast playing Rebuilder, Shambles, Choke Up, The Okay Win, M.G. Letterman and not actually knowing what to do in a professional radio station.

Listen to the February 11th show over at the official Pipeline! website, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and tune into 88.1FM (Cambridge/Boston) or listen online every Tuesday from 8p-10p for the newest music coming out of the New England area.

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