Friday, January 31, 2014

February Record A Day #Instagram

Hashtag fun times. Record A Day continues into February.

The vinyl community came together for thirty-one days to show off the best-of-the-best in categories like “Compilation/Soundtrack”, “Collection of an artist” and “More than two colors”, allowing people some serious bragging rights on Instagram. Part enlightening camaraderie, part daily one-upmanship, record collectors filled the photo sharing social network with prized wax possessions. And it's happening all over again beginning February 1st.

Missed the chance to show everyone how fabulous your collection is? Get on the bandwagon for the February Record A Day edition and you too can have exploding heart notifications via like-minded people and realize that EH-VERY-ONE OWNS A COPY OF SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD SOUNDTRACK.

Start posting a record a day beginning tomorrow, February 1st using the hashtag #FebruaryRecordADay. It's that simple.

Follow Bishop And Rook on Instagram and like all these bad larries from #JanuaryRecordADay.

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