Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Pill Turns The Lights On For Good

My heart broke just a little bit. Although it's been years since I've danced to Metric's "Combat Baby" in the dark while strategically shimming away from that dude with no personal boundaries then coming up for air only to be dragged back to the floor for the mandatory "Bohemian Like You" group hustle, The Pill always will be my favorite jam.

Friday nights at the corner of Comm Ave and Harvard, dressed like hipsters before hip was cool, one upping your friends to get a guy to buy you a beer then leaving him for a chance to dance like an uncoordinated drunk indie princess, Great Scott made all my wildest dreams come true. Since 1997, the weekly dance series has been entertaining Allstonites, but will reportedly turn the lights on for good this Friday, December 20th.

Raise a glass to the best dance party in Boston. Head to Great Scott on Friday, 10pm, 21+, $5. See the official Facebook event page for details. And don't forget to look sharp.

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