Friday, December 13, 2013

Save Ends' 'Warm Hearts, Cold Hands' Makes Punknews Best of 2013 List

Paul Pendley of Red City Radio ranks Boston band's LP, "record of the year."

Guitarist/singer Paul Pendley of Red City Radio includes Save EndsWarm Hearts, Cold Hands LP in his top picks of 2013 for Punknews. “I agonized over this list for hours, begged the bureaucrats at Punknews to let me do a list of 20 instead of 10, and debated David Frenson as to whether EP’s count (Fuck you, Dave, you sack of shit, my list, my rules) as a “record” or their own category. 2013 was such an amazing year that paring down a list of releases deserving of mention was extremely difficult.”

Sitting pretty at number one is Warm Hearts, Cold Hands (Tiny Engines). 

Per Paul, “Record of the year. This is what male and female dueling vocals should sound like, perfectly blended, complimentary and never overdosing on harmony. Reminiscent of early Get Up Kids without sounding like them while inserting a dose of pop punk that is neither of the new variety nor of the goofy glue sniffing variety. Every song is a winner. Every song could easily be stuck in your head for weeks. Nice people to boot.”

Very nice people indeed. With recent announcements including being slated for Pouzza Fest in Montreal this spring and the release of Warm Hearts, Cold Hands in Japan via Waterslide Records, 2014 looks like a good year for Save Ends. Check out Paul's choice track, "Same Old Dice" below and see Save Ends with Lemuria and Sundials December 30th at Great Scott in Allston. See all twenty of Paul's picks on

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