Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vacant Windows – The Singles EP – Moody Highs and Lows

Baltimore experimental electronic band, Vacant Windows
lets you dance to feelings.

Self-described as “The XX and Depeche mode have a sullky [sic] brooding lovechild..” on Twitter, I would agree with the dreamscape effects of The XX but the majority of Vacant Windows’ (former Face the Sun) The Singles EP (2012) is far too lamenting to have a biological relation to the synthesized dance-party-for-one that is Depeche Mode. For the sake of reference, let’s say The XX and The National.

Vacant Windows' moody overtones and manufactured melodies let you dance to your feelings and provides an excellent base for an indie house remix music night or luxury car commercial.

This Baltimore electronic band certainly brings a level of sophistication to its sound. With tracks structured around tenacious beats and loops, Vacant Windows establishes an acute rhythm that carries each song through an experience of moody highs and lows, while maintaining a catchy, mellow dramatic pulse.

Am I solemnly reminiscing on life? Am I sitting in a dark, trendy bar? Am I shopping at Urban Outfitters? Who knows! But Vacant Windows manages to amalgamate cool, club and contemporary in a sedately addictive manner.

The band is currently working on their debut full length, expected out sometime in the fall of 2013.

Stream / Purchase The Singles on Bandcamp for $4.99 and follow Vacant Windows on Facebook and Twitter for tour updates.

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