Friday, February 22, 2013

Office Snacks

While eating trail mix today, a kamikaze peanut went to a place of no return. Doing the truffle shuffle at my desk in hopes I'd start raining snack food didn't help. I'm sure it will reappear at the most inappropriate moment.

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There are reasons I try not to eat at my desk. For one, researchers say that there are 200 times more bacteria found on phones, keyboards and other desk devices than on a toilet seat. Nom nom nom. And to be honest, eating shouldn't be part of a multitasking equation. It's messy and distracting and GD it, I love food, I want to enjoy it. Not to mention my productivity level drops significantly. We both know that I'll eventually switch over to trolling Facebook photo albums if you ask me to update your website during lunch.

Also, I never quite learned how to be a civilized snacker, typically eating like I'm on some foreign endurance-based game show. How many fist fulls of popcorn can she fit in her month in twenty seconds?! Let's watch and see! It's quite embarrassing. Being caught elbow deep in a Triscuit box or licking the hummus off your chickpea painted hand kind of brings your authority down a notch.


  1. I really try not to eat at my desk too (in fact I just used the electronics duster spray can thing to clean out my keyboard.)
    I use alcohol pads on my mouse, keyboard and phone each week :(

  2. Bahahaa! Okay, one post and I'm hooked on your writing.

    It was great to meet you last night, even though we didn't get a chance to talk much. Looking forward to exploring around these parts a little more. =)


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