Friday, August 30, 2013

Diarrhea Planet - Not Grandfather Approved

Someone in Nashville got ticked off at this.

Get this. A punk rock band, from Nashville, Tennessee, with four guitars. Sound checks just got a whole lot more fun. (Going forward, highly suggested that all bands have four guitars.) 

Diarrhea Planet exploded at the sold out Thursday night Allston Pudding Presents show at Great Scott in Allston. A cross between wild rock and roll riffs a la the great Waltham and dreamy indie outros, the Tennessee sextet, which has similar sound and dynamics to Underground Rail Road to Candyland, rocked the fuck out. And all without set lists.

No shirts. Diarrhea Planet at Great Scott, Allston 8/29/13.

As if the whole room wasn’t already in blissful ecstasy over the band, the track “Kids” off their newest record, I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, created an atmosphere of chanting 18+ camaraderie of "We're just kids, we're just kids"; and calmed the pit down for at least one song, which I’m assuming the press photographer appreciated. Action shots.

Give the band a listen, if for nothing else, but to say, “I’m listening to Diarrhea Planet right now.” 

See Diarrhea Planet on tour now with The So So Glos. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for show and merch updates. Stream I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams on Spotify and other records on Bandcamp.

This is for the kid who screamed "CIGARETTES, PLAY CIGARETTES" in my ear for 20 minutes. They did, and it was fucking awesome.

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