Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cut It Off - Denim Vests

What do you call an alligator in a vest? An investigator! Jokes. Among the many styles aboard the 2013 fashion train, sits pretty the totally radical 1980's look. Although denim vests are a staple in the punk scene, most common folk are rocking the resurgence for the first time in a long while. Denim vests are hot right now. Like, white denim hot!

Anarchy in the Nordstrom USA

Finally! A place to put all of my patches n' pins!

Are you Kitten Me with this availability! (image credit)

And when it's in, it's available EVERY-WHERE. Have you seen your mom lately? Because she's wearing a denim vest.

Busy? Don't own a glue gun? Forever 21 has got you covered. Pre-DIY vests.
Studded Distressed Denim Vests
Forever 21
$27.80 (a nice round number)
Shop it!

Denim vests never looked so sexy thanks to Kristen Stewart Express
Patch Pocket Denim Faded Vest
$59.90 (it's all marketing)
Shop it!

A style for both genders. Boys better be bringing the original denim this summer!
Levi's Bull Wash Denim Vest
Urban Outfitters
$49.99 (was $78!)
Shop it!

Soccer practice at 3? I'll be there.
1969 Iconic Denim Vest
Shop it!

For the rest.
A shitload of used denim vests
The Garment District - via Instagram
200 Broadway, Cambridge, MA

And because I somehow associate denim vests with Mean Creek. Here is one of Boston's favorite indie rock bands at this moment.


  1. Great selection - loving the Express look.


  2. I love cut-off denim vests, especially when they're paired with maxi dresses!

  3. I love denim vests with a cute sundress underneath. Will definitely be wearing the look quite a bit this summer.

  4. Beautiful pictures, I totally love your style dear <333 Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin'? Love, Anna

  5. You know the oldest already forced me to buy her one! They are everywhere!


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