Monday, June 3, 2013

A Week of Music via Instagram

As always, each week in Boston is a tremendous week for music, featuring both local and touring acts. And as always, I try to make it out to every event saved in my Google Calendar. Swear to Dinosaurs, all your shows are stored in my online calendar of organization. Here are a few that I went to.

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Earthquake Party! played an incredibly energetic set at The Sinclair in
Harvard Square on May 23rd before The Thermals took the stage.

Then The Thermals made me the happiest girl alive by playing
'Here's Your Future'.

Alex Heinz of Great Lakes USA opened the Banquets' record release show
at O'Brien's Pub in Allston on May 26th. 'No Boyfriends' sounds
pretty damn awesome acoustic.

I got to catch one of my favorite new bands, American Thread,
at The Middlesex Lounge in Central Square on May 29th.
Nothing finishes a good Americana set like a threatening thunder and lightening storm.

A girl's gotta eat right? Thankfully, Blue Inc in the Financial District
was serving up some Boy Band Brunch on June 2nd. I never thought a
man would ever ask, "How was your Dirty Pop?" Delicious.

And then I locked myself in an air conditioned room with
this sexy beast and got scared straight watching a DVR marathon of
Syfy's Paranormal Witness.
Because leaving a few lights on in the house all night is nothing
compared to blasting an AC the entire weekend.

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