Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Do617 Pop-Up Record Shop April 18th

Free event! Things to do! PBR! Allston! Do617!

Hey vinyl junkies, here's a free event for you.

The fine folks at Do617 and Pabst Blue Ribbon have teamed up and bring the vinyl to you as they present the Pop-Up Record Shop, Saturday, April 18 at Brighton Music Hall!

Independent record labels, record stores, and vinyl distributors from around New England have been invited to bring their wares to sell directly to you, the customer! PBR will be on hand to slate the thirst of any vinyl hounds of legal drinking age, and vinyl DJ sets by local producer collective Lifted Contingency and friends. It's FREE with your RSVP right here, and doors open at 10am, so come early, hang out, and get your hands on some great vinyl that you don't have to order online.

RSVP here!

Featured Vendors (with more to come):

Antique Records

Bob Records

Cultures of Soul

Disposable America

Eye Design Records

Kids Like You and Me

Midnight Werewolf

Prescribed Vinyl

Run For Cover Records

Too Far Gone Records

U-Turn Audio

Vanya Records

Vinyl Destination

Zakim Recordings

Follow Do617 on Facebook and Twitter for additional updates. If you would like to be a vendor hit Adam up at adam@do617.com.

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