Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Anonymous Post-Hardcore Band Premiers New Track Off Debut EP

At the Heart of It debut EP out March 3rd. Pre-order available now.

New Hampshire’s At the Heart of It revolves around the belief that music is a tool for social awareness and a means to open the lines of communication with their listeners. Looking to keep the focus on the music and message, rather than on the band as individuals, ATHOI chose to be interviewed as a single entity. “We are a five piece, and will go by our first initials for identification's sake. R. A. J. T. N.”

Messages embedded in emotional music in the same style as Defeater or Touché Amore, ATHOI’s debut 6-song EP, out March 3rd, succeeds at creating thought-provoking tantrums but the actual content teeters the fine line between an artist’s intention and a listener’s interpretation.

The band divulges, “While our first EP is very introspective, we plan on branching outwards with our subsequent releases and bring greater focus to some of the more pressing issues that are close to us and those we care about.”

So an introspective record from a band with an exaggerated expectation of not focusing on its individual members, and a backbone erected from social issues, wrapped up in a tattered post-hardcore bow. It’s a lot to decipher, and either the forced anonymity or the activist approach could deter some listeners. Those aspects aside, ATHOI produces well written music.

The S/T record is available for pre-order. 10% of the proceeds will go to the Greater Boston PFLAG, a non-profit organization that offers help for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) youth, their families, and communities around the topics of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Head to Bandcamp to listen to pre-released tracks, “Soleil” and “Create Sustain” now. Follow At the Heart of It on Facebook for additional release and show information.


  1. seriously, going by first initials? this band sounds pretentious as f*ck. trying way too hard

  2. Don't use our real names, might get too famous, lol.

    Just one more way to disconnect with people who might actually listen to this.

    Nice cause, but seriously, even talking about "profits" from a new band's first release makes them sound annoying as hell.

  3. I think thisband is rad. And misunderstood.


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