Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Influence The Next Hard Times Punk News Story

Have I got a story for you!

Influence the next The Hard Times punk news story with your own observations of ridiculous scene shenanigans.

Arguably one of the most trending music website since the Sinclair Is Not Open Tumblr, and the most entertaining online read next to the Apple Cinemas Yelp reviews, The Hard Times, essentially the Onion for punks, has captivated the internets.

With compelling and eerily familiar headlines such as "Man Acts Like He Is First Person to Hang from Rafters", "Punks Organize Benefit Show to Fund Future Benefit Shows" and our personal favorite "Huge Monday Night Show Draws Almost Every Band Member" (James Tran, the band’s drummer, is still a “Maybe” on the Facebook event.), it's easy to begin thinking of your own breaking news stories.

Put your subpar typing skills to the test and submit 10 headline ideas and a sample article to: From social media, to live shows, word of mouth tales and press releases, we've got at least 20 ideas so far.

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